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Prevalence and Factors Associated with Disclosure of HIV Diagnosis to Infected Children Receiving Antiretroviral Treatment in Public Health Care Facilities in Gauteng, South Africa

Psychosocial Characterization of HIV Clients with Potential to be Change Agents for HIV Prevention in Uganda

Dual Choice for Dual Target Anti-HIV Therapy

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms associated with alimentary fatty liver disease are not genetic risk factors for treatment-associated hepatic steatosis in HIV patients on HAART

Demographics, Clinical Profile and Outcome among the HIV Infected Persons Hospitalized in the HAART Era in Barbados.

Update and Expansion of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Archive (HAPPA)

Rhabdomyolysis in a HIV-infected Patient Following the Addition of Raltegravir, A Case Report with Review of the Literature

Relationship Between Awareness of HIV/AIDS and Attitudes of Secondary School Students to Premarital HIV Counseling and Testing in Zaria, Northern Nigeria

Socio-Economic and Demographic Pattern of HIV Occurrence Amongst Attendees in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Eastern India.

Sport Activities as a Vehicle for HIV/ AIDS Prevention in Trinidad and Tobago: Organizer’s Perspectives

Cognitive Functioning in Adults Aging with HIV: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Cognitive Subtypes and Influential Factors

Phytochemicals May Arrest HIV-1 Progression

Evaluation of Recruitment Approaches for the HPTN 052 Clinical Trial of HIV Serodiscordant Couples in Rural Western Kenya

Participant Retention in a HIV Prevention Cohort Study in Kisumu, Kenya

Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among People Being Treated for HIV in Nepal: A Cross-Sectional Study

Comment on the Stages of HIV Care Continuum: Considering Treatment for Secondary Prevention among Patients ‘Retained in Care’

Path Analysis of Physical Symptoms, Emotional Support, Self-Esteem, and Depressive Symptoms in HIV-Positive Perinatal Women in Thailand

The construct Validity of the CES-D among HIV-Infected Perinatal Thai Women: Explanatory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Sociocultural Issues as Barriers to HIV-Infected Orphan Care in Southern Africa

Determinants of Consistent Condom Use among HIV-Positive Women in Abia State, South-East Nigeria.

Report of a False Positive Rapid HIV Test Due to Hepatitis A in a U.S. Army Soldier

HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices among Truck Drivers in Burkina Faso.

Painful Lesions in an HIV-1 Seropositive African Woman.

Partner Violence and Condom Use in HIV-Discordant Heterosexual Partnerships

Knowledge, Perception And Practice Of Preventive Lifestyle Against HIV/AIDS Among Students Of A Tertiary Educational Institution In South Eastern Nigeria.

Clinical and Immunological Beneficial Effects of Phyto V7 Consumption by HIV-1 Seropositive Individuals

Undergraduate Student’s Perception of HIV/AIDS.A Case of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, NIGERIA

Review of Useful Theories for Working with People Who are Living with HIV and AIDS

Physical Activity and Risk Factors Screening for Ischaemic Heart Disease in South African Individuals Living with HIV

Pulmonary Hypertension in an Elderly HIV-infected Veteran Population

HIV and AIDS Risk Reduction Intervention Programmes among in-school Adolescents in Imo State, Nigeria

Influence of Sexual Sensation Seeking, Sexual Compulsivity and Sexual Pleasure in Condom Use Among Spanish Youth: Implications for HIV Interventions

High Rate of Asymptomatic Myocardial Ischemia in HIV Infected Population in Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Conjunctiva (Scc) and Human Immunodefisciency Virus (Hiv): What Reality in Ivory Coast Through 23 Cases?

Raising HLA-E-Restricted HIV-1-Specific Immune Responses Through T Cell Vaccination: A Hypothesis

Sero-Prevalence of HBs Ag, HCV and HIV among Blood Donors in Three Blood Bank Centers in Sana'a city: Yemen

Evaluation of an External Quality Assessment Program for HIV Testing in Tigray North Ethiopia 2016

HIV Status in Sero-Discordant Couples: Prevalence and Pattern among Pregnant Women in Plateau State, Nigeria

Perspective for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus colonization, Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns and Risk factors for Colonization among People Living with HIV at Nyenga Hospital, Buikwe District, in Central Uganda

HIV Status in Sero-Discordant Couples: Prevalence and Pattern among Pregnant Women in Plateau State, Nigeria

Health Care Providers Perception and Practice of HIV Disclosure to Sero-Positive Children and Adolescents in a Tertiary Health Facility in Abuja, Nigeria

Adherence to ART among Pregnant Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Lusaka Urban

Risk Factors of HIV among Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centers Clients, Elgenina Town, West Darfur, Sudan.

Prevalence of Hiv Infection Among Pregnant Women Attending Ajiko Medical Clinic, Damaturu, Nigeria

Docking Studies of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase and HIV-1 Protease with Phytocompounds of Carissa Carandas L.

Characterization of rpoB Gene Mutations Associated with Rifampicin Resistance in Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis Patients Co-infected with HIV from Southern India.

Perspectives of Health Care Providers Working with HIV Positive Clients on Nutritional Challenges Among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Kigali, Rwanda

Structural Equation Modeling to Detect Predictors of CD4 Cell Count Change due to Long Term Antiretroviral Therapy Administered to HIV-Positive Adults at Felege Hiwot Teaching and Specialized Hospital, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Invivo Impact of Malaria and HIV Co-Infection on CD4 Cell Count of Infected Patients of Niger Delta Extraction

Differential of Antioxidant Ability, CD4+T Cells Count and Viral Load in HIV Infected Patients on cART in Yaounde, Cameroon

The Prevalence of Osteoporosis in Hiv Infected Patient and its Correlation with Cd4 Count/Clinical Staging in Indian Population