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Preventive Medicine And Care

ISSN 2474-3585

Preventive Medicine aims to improve the health of individuals and populations through translational research, education and training, community outreach and promotion of public health. It is dedicated to promote health across the lifespan and in all segments of population. We aim to advance the science of health promotion and disease prevention

Thyroid Cancer

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Most nodules are cysts filled with fluid or with a stored form of thyroid hormone called colloid. Solid nodules have little fluid or colloid. These nodules are more likely to be cancerous than are fluid-filled nodules. Some types of solid nodules, such as hyperplastic nodules and adenomas, have too many cells, but the cells are not cancer cells.

Fertility Biomarkers

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Women have hormonal cycles which determine when they can achieve pregnancy. The cycle is approximately twenty-eight days long, with a fertile period of five days per cycle, but can deviate greatly from this norm. Men are fertile continuously, but their sperm quality is affected by their health, frequency of ejaculation, and environmental factors.

Intensive Care and Emergency Services

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Journal of Intensive Care and Emergency Services is an open access, peer reviewed journal. It will aid in contributing a great study of scientific information on patients intensive care in a clinically align setting. This journal's main intention is to assist researchers and promote information and knowledge about intensive care and related areas.

International journal of pain Management

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International journal of pain Management publishes manuscripts related to all aspects of pain. The chief mission of this journal is to improve pain management and care for patients suffering with pain by providing a comprehensive forum for clinical researchers. Journal of pain Management supports original, review, short communication.

Brain And Spinal Cancer

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A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue in the brain or central spine that can disrupt proper brain function. Doctors refer to a tumor based on where the tumor cells originated, and whether they are cancerous or not. Brain and spinal cord tumors are different for everyone. They form in different areas and develop from different cell types.

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Glycomics And Metabolism
ISSN 2572-5424
Rescuing Canavan disease: Support for the astrocyte hypothesis of Canavan disease generation and a possible human cure.

Canavan disease (CD) is a globally occurring but rare human spongiform leukod...

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New Developments in Chemistry
ISSN 2377-2549
Molecular structure and vibrational analysis of 2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2, 3-dihydro-1H-perimidine using density functional theory

The compound 2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2, 3-dihydro-1H-perimidine(MPDP) was synthes...

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Hematology And Oncology Research
ISSN 2372-6601
Combination of radiation therapy and immunotherapy in the treatment of melanoma.

Melanoma is considered to be a very aggressive cancer due to its rapid growth...

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Aging Research And Healthcare
ISSN 2474-7785
Prediction of discharge disposition in geriatric women after traumatic injury

Background: Discharge disposition planning begins at admissi...

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Pediatric Health And Nutrition
ISSN Coming Soon
Implementing high energy liquid nutrition, omega-3 fatty acids and nutritional supplements for the
treatment of anorexia nervosa

Objective: To assess the effect of different treatment approaches on the cour...

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Preventive Medicine And Care
ISSN 2474-3585
Evidence of a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Improving the Health of Chronically Ill Patients in the Mississippi Delta

Using proprietary data of patient records from four medical clinics in the Mi...

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Human Psychology
ISSN Coming Soon
Where Do You Sit in Class? A Study of Spatial Positioning During Two Courses of Different Duration

The objective of this study was to study the selection of seat location by in...

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Aging Research And Healthcare
ISSN 2474-7785
New knowledge and research needs for end-of-life care among elderly persons in long-term care settings

Given the aging of the population, an increase in the number of persons in ne...

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Digestive Disorders And Diagnosis
ISSN Coming Soon

Unusual Presentation Of Tracheosophageal Fistula With Meconium Aspiration Syndrome In A Preterm Infant

Congenital malformations usually occur during organogenesis and result in com...

Editors In Chief

Zheng Jiang
neurological research and therapy

ISSN 2470-5020

Department of Neuroscience
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Bryan Fantie
human psychology

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Associate Professor
Department of Psychology

Giovanni Mauri
thyroid cancer

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 European Institute of Oncolgy

Vinayak Raghunathan
dentistry and oral implants

ISSN 2473-1005

Assistant Professor

Qiuqin Tang
woman's reproductive health

ISSN 2381-862X

Ying-Yong Zhao
nephrology advances

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Northwest University

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