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Page Numbers  1-16

Multivariate Analysis of Amazonian Rivers Located in an Area of Intense Industrial Activity, Barcarena, Pará State, Brazil

Danielly da Silva Lopes Iris  1  2 Campelo Medeiros Adaelson  2 Filipe Alves Correia de Melo Nuno  1 de Oliveira Lima Marcelo  2 de Lourdes Souza Santos Maria  1


Page Numbers  17-26

Scrutinizing Famine Disaster Based On Rainfall Trend Investigation (A Case Study of Khorasan Razavi Province)

Zabihi Omid  1 Gheibi Mohammad  2 Aghlmand Reza  2 Nejatianc Amir  3


Page Numbers  35-47

Correlation Between Biochemical Oxygen Demand And Chemical Oxygen Demand, At High Salinity Bioreactor-Based, Wastewater Treatment Plant In Al-Hasa Saudi Arabia.

Alotaibi Majeb  1 Munshi Faris  1 Refaat Ashraf  1 El Said Mohamed  2 Nasir Mohd  3

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