International Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research

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International Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research-Chronic pain-DAMIANA SCUTERI


Department of Pharmacy and Health and Nutrition Sciences.

+39 0984 493 234

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Department of Pharmacy, Health And Nutritional Sciences,
University Of Calabria,
Arcavacata Di Rende (Cs), Italy.

Research Interests:

Chronic pain, Ageing and Aromatherapy for the treatment of Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSDs).


From November 2011:

  • PhD student at the University of Calabria - PhD in Cellular Biochemistry and oncology drugs. Research activity: study of the mechanisms involved in mechanical sensitization in animal models of neuropathic pain and analysis of experimental models of inflammatory pain.

November 2011: 

  • Qualification to the profession of pharmacist.

October 2011:

  • Research activity at the Pharmacology laboratory of the Pharmaco-Biological Department of the University of Calabria. Purpose of the research activity: study of the experimental model of neuropathic pain.

September 2011:

  • Master's Degree in Pharmacy with honors from the University of Calabria.
  • Master's thesis in Pharmacology entitled: Pain sensitivity in a mouse model of dystonia and response to drug treatment with Gabapentin.

July 2006:

  • 100/100 Scientific Maturity with mention of commendation.

Techniques Used:
1. In vivo: Spinal Nerve Ligation and behavioral tests (Von Frey test, Hargreaves test, Formalin test, Capsaicin test).
2. Immunofluorescence
3. Fluorescence microscopy and in particular Deconvolution Microscopy.
Statistical analysis using the Student's t test or ANOVA and the Tukey multiple comparison test.
Use of Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Power Point and GraphPad Prism.
Participation In Conventions And Seminars:
March 13, 2012:

  • Seminar - Metabotropic GABAb receptors and their potential as therapeutic targets - University of Calabria.

March 25, 2011:

  • Seminar within the II level Master "Biotechnologies, Health and Rights". University of Calabria.

January 13th 2011:

  • Round table - Glaucoma and neuroprotection: from basic research new therapeutic perspectives. University of Calabria.

22nd - 24th September 2010:

  • Molecular targets for novel pain therapeutics - From basic research to clinical translation. University of Calabria.