Journal of Biomaterials

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Biomaterials -Immunology-Arulselvan Palanisamy


Universiti Putra Malaysia | UPM · Institute of Bioscience.


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Arulselvan Palanisamy


Cell Culture
Cancer Biology
Adjunct Associate Professor, 
Muthayammal Centre for Advanced Research (MCAR), 
Muthayammal College of Arts and Science, 
Tamil Nadu, India.

Research Interests:

  • Immunology
  • Diabetes
  • Western Blot
  • Cancer Research
  • Antioxidants
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Pharmacology
  • Diabetes Mellitus.


Publication of Research Articles:

  1. Katyakyini Muniandy, Sivapragasam Gothai, Palanisamy Arulselvan*, S. Suresh Kumar, Mohd Esa Norhaizan,Arthanari Umamaheswari and Sharida Fakurazi. Wound Healing potential of Edible Plants – A short review. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2018, In Press. IF: 0.682 *Corresponding Author.
  2. Katyakyini Muniandy, Sivapragasam Gothai, Woan Sean Tan, S. Suresh Kumar, Norhaizan Mohd Esa, Govindasamy Chandramohan, Khalid S. Al-Numair, Palanisamy Arulselvan. In Vitro Wound Healing Potential of Stem Extract of Alternanthera sessilis. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2018, In Press. IF: 1.740*Corresponding Author.
  3. Hui Teng, Benyao Yuan, Sivapragasam Gothai, Palanisamy Arulselvan, Xinjie Song, Lei Chen, Dietary triterpenes in the treatment of type 2 diabetes: To date, Trends in Food Science & Technology, 72, 2018, 34-44. IF: 5.191 Total cumulative Impact factor: 172.43 (based on 2016 impact factor) Total citations: 1670 (as on January 2018) Total number of conference presentation: more than 30 H-Index: 22 (as on January 2018)I10 Index: 44 (as on January 2018).
  4. Mariappan Rajana,Rajendran Amarnath Praphakar, Dharman Govindaraj, Palanisamy Arulselvan, S. Suresh Kumar.Cytotoxicity assessment of palbociclib-loaded chitosan-polypropylene glycol nano vehicles for cancer chemotherapy.Materials Today Chemistry, 2017, 6, 26-33.
  5. Rajan M, Krishnan P, Kumari S, Sakinah S, Priya SP, Amira F, Danjuma L, Pooi Ling M, Fakurazi S,Arulselvan P,Higuchi A, Arumugam R, Alarfaj AA, Munusamy MA, Hamat RA, Benelli G, Murugan K, Kumar SS. MagnetoChemotherapy for cervical cancer treatment with Camptothecin loaded Fe3O4 functionalized β-Cyclodextrin nanovehicle. RSC Advances, 2017, 7 (73), 46271-46285. IF: 3.108.
  6. Kumaran SK, Bakar MFA, Mohd-Padil H, et al., Arulselvan P, Kumar SS. 3D modelling of the pathogenic Leptospira protein LipL32: A bioinformatics approach. Acta Trop. 2017; 176:433-439. IF: 2.218.
  7. Sivapragasam Gothai, Katyakyini Muniandy, Mazni Abu Zarin, Tan Woan Sean, S Suresh Kumar, Murugan A.Munusamy, Sharida Fakurazi, Palanisamy Arulselvan*. Chemical Composition of Moringa oleifera Ethyl Acetate Fraction and its Biological Activity in Diabetic Human Dermal Fibroblasts. Pharmacognosy Magazine, 2017, 13, 462-469. IF: 0.831 *Corresponding Author.
  8. Lawal Danjuma, Mok Pooi Ling, Rukman Awang Hamat, Akon Higuchi, Abdullah A. Alarfaj, Marlina, Giovanni Benelli,Palanisamy Arulselvan, Mariappan Rajan, Suresh Kumar Subbiah, Genomic plasticity between human and mycobacterial DNA: A review, In Tuberculosis, 107, 2017, 38-47. IF: 2.873.
  9. Krishnan P, Rajan M, Kumari S, Sakinah S, Priya SP, Amira F, Danjuma L, Pooi Ling M, Fakurazi S, Arulselvan P,Higuchi A, Arumugam R, Alarfaj AA, Munusamy MA, Hamat RA, Benelli G, Murugan K, Kumar SS. Efficiency of newly formulated camptothecin with β-cyclodextrin-EDTA-Fe3O4 nanoparticle-conjugated nanocarriers as an anti-colon cancer (HT29) drug. Sci Rep. 2017;7(1):10962. IF: 4.259.
  10. Sakinah S, Priya SP, Kumari S, Amira F, K P, Alsaeedy H, Ling MP, Chee HY, Higuchi A, Alarfaj AA, Munusamy MA,Murugan K, Taib CN, Arulselvan P, Rajan M, Neela VK, Hamat RA, Benelli G, Kumar SS. Impact of dengue virus(serotype DENV-2) infection on liver of BALB/c mice: A histopathological analysis. Tissue Cell. 2017, 49, 86-94 IF:1.258.