International Journal of Human Anatomy

ISSN: 2577-2279



Volume: 1

Issue No: 4

1 Editorial Published on 2019-07-26     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2577-2279.ijha-19-2976
Title: Human Anatomy: An Inlet of Medicine and Surgery 
Page Numbers  1-1
2 Research-article Published on 2019-09-24     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2577-2279.ijha-19-3013
Title: Branching Pattern of the Medial Calcaneal Neurovascular Bundle in Porta Pedis of the Human Foot
Page Numbers  2-12
3 Research-article Published on 2019-09-20     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2577-2279.ijha-19-3026
Title: Changes in Adult Rats’ Testis structure Induced by Hypothyroidism and Alleviating Role of L-Carnitine
Page Numbers  13-28
4 Research-article Published on 2019-10-21     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2577-2279.ijha-19-3050
Title: Retracted: Nutrient Foramen of Fibula in Relation to Distal end, Potential Implications for Vascularised Bone Graft Surgery
Page Numbers  29-32