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International Journal of Human Anatomy

International Journal of Human Anatomy

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About The Journal

Summary of International Journal of Human Anatomy (IJHA)

International Journal of Human Anatomy (IJHA) is an open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that publishes cutting-edge research in the fields of anatomy, physiology, histology, embryology, and related disciplines of biological sciences. IJHA provides a platform for researchers, clinicians, and students to share their findings and ideas about the complex structure and function of the human body. The journal is dedicated to advancing our understanding of human anatomic structures, systems, and processes, and to providing detailed information about their relationships to other body systems.


Our ultimate goal is to advance the knowledge of and insights into, the complex structure and functions of the human body. We do this through a rigorous peer-review process and a stringent set of editorial standards. We also encourage authors to submit articles from a variety of perspectives, including those with clinical, research, and developmental emphasis.

IJHA also provides authors with an opportunity to reach a global audience through our open-access platform. Every article published in the journal is available to anyone, anywhere, free of charge. This allows authors to make an impact not only in their own field of research, but on a wider audience of researchers, clinicians, and students.

Advantages of the International Journal of Human Anatomy

IJHA aims to promote excellence in anatomical science and education through the dissemination of research and scholarship in the form of original research contributions, brief reviews, and commentary. It seeks to provide an important platform for those exploring the anatomy of the human body and to promote our understanding of the unique characteristics of the human body.

IJHA adheres to rigorous peer review and quality assurance standards. All research submitted to the journal is thoroughly reviewed for originality, correctness, completeness, and relevance to the topic. Moreover, IJHA is committed to providing authors with a quick and efficient publication process. It offers rapid publication times, easy submission procedures, and an efficient review process. The journal also takes into consideration the ethical conduct of research and its practical application to the human body.

Editorial Board of International Journal of Human Anatomy
The Editorial Board of IJHA consists of respected and experienced professionals who review the original research papers, review articles and short communications that are published in the journal. Each article is meticulously evaluated for scientific accuracy, originality and contribution to the field, as well as for adherence to ethical guidelines. The Editorial Board takes an active role in the dissemination of knowledge to the wider scientific community, while also providing guidance and feedback to authors. The Board members are selected for their expertise and experience in the field of human anatomy and their dedication to the advancement of scientific knowledge. 
Article Processing Charges

Authors are required to pay a publication fee to cover the costs of editorial and production services. 

Instructions for authors for International Journal of Human Anatomy

The journal encourages submissions from authors of all backgrounds. All research papers should include an abstract of up to 250 words, the text itself, clear and detailed figures and diagrams, and complete references. Authors should also declare any conflicts of interest at the beginning of the manuscript. Furthermore, papers must adhere to the journal's ethical publication policies as laid out in the Publication Ethics section. Peer-reviewers must also adhere to the journal's standards of confidentiality and objectivity. Authors are encouraged to use standard methods and techniques, and submit supplementary material whenever appropriate.

Authors are invited to submit their articles for publication in the International Journal of Human Anatomy. Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously, is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and has been approved by all authors. The journal also follows a single-blind peer-review process to ensure only the best quality of publication. Authors must submit the article in accordance with the journal’s Instructions for Authors, given on its website. After submission, the articles will undergo an initial review process by the Editor. The authors will be notified of the decision regarding their article and will be given suggestions, if any, for further improvement.

All submissions can be done at our Online Manuscript Submission System. Authors are requested to submit their articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission. If you have difficulty in filling the online form, you can also send us via e-mail as an attachment to the Editorial Office [email protected]

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