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To Activate the Brain, Activate the Body First

1PhD in Sport Science, Department of Sport Science, Teesside University


The brain is the most complex organ which governs almost all activities in human body. Thus, the mental fitness has high level of importance in every day workouts. The good activities for long-term brain health include performing regular exercises such as a simple walking for 10 min at each day. More importantly having good level of diet can keep the brain workouts in an ideal situation. Indeed, taking enough rest can enhance the brain performances. Listening to the desirable sound of music could also enhance concentration and improve the mood. In overall, these aforementioned life style modifications significantly can easily boost the brain power and its healthy function through different aspects in daily life.

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Received 20 Feb 2019; Accepted 20 Feb 2019; Published 26 Feb 2019;

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Nasim Habibzadeh (2019) To Activate the Brain, Activate the Body First. International Physiology Journal - 2(2):14-16.

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The brain is the most complex organs in body which is made up of many different and connected parts. In the brain, the cerebrum, the brainstem and the cerebellum are the most largest parts that are connected through nervous systems 1 (Figure 1). The brain control and coordinates the most activities in human body. It processes the thoughts, memories, sensing and any actions in body. In fact, the brain and its nervous system activate all tasks in human body 2. Nonetheless, one of the most important question is that how the brain should be activated to initiate its function in an optimal way at all ?

Figure 1.The brain compounds
 The brain compounds

The brain is extremely a sensitive organ in human body and for producing an optimal work, it necessitates to be in a good working conditions 3. Optimal sleep in 24 hours at each day for example boosts better brain function and improves quality of life 4. Taking bath daily is another activity which enhance the brain performances and increase mental power. Walking also is a simplest form of physical activity which easily can cause the brain to release hormeses such as endorphins which decreases mental stresses and improves mind effectiveness. Further, walking activity as enhances the oxygen supply in brain space, promotes optimal brain workouts 5. Likewise, listening to a desirable sound of music will advocate the center of attentions 6. More importantly, good nutrients consumptions and drinking enough water strengthen the brain cells for more powerful performances at any tasks or movements at each day 7 (Figure 2).

Figure 2.Beneficial implications to activate the brain
 Beneficial implications to activate the brain


Preserving the brain health is a vital task since the brain govern almost all actions in human body. The brain efficiency can improve through activities such as performing some exercises such as simple 10 or 20 minutes walking at any comfortable paces. Utilizing good nutrients empowers the brain cells abilities. The brain well-being and health can improve through enough bed - rest and a comfort Spa also. Listening to the music boost mental power while working as well. These simple strategies can easily maintain the brain in good condition during various daily workouts.


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