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As a reviewer of a journal, it is incumbent upon you to uphold the guidelines for selecting and accepting papers submitted to the journal. While we acknowledge that experienced researchers and academics are already familiar with most of these guidelines, we believe that they can be of significant assistance to those who are new to the role of a reviewer.

Few important guidelines

  • Kindly refrain from hesitating to provide an impartial review. We welcome multiple revisions until the desired level of quality is achieved.
  • We kindly request that manuscripts falling outside the scope of the journal be rejected. In the event of rejection, please provide a clear explanation and offer guidance for further action, such as language editing for manuscripts rejected due to improper language or subject matter that falls outside the scope of the journal.
  • Please ensure that the language used adheres to a high standard of quality and is easily comprehensible to readers worldwide.

  • Ethical Obligations

    1. The reviewer is expected to provide impartial evaluation to all manuscripts submitted for publication, assessing each based on its individual merits, and without any consideration of the author(s)' race, religion, nationality, gender, seniority, or institutional affiliation.The reviewer is expected to diligently and expeditiously evaluate manuscripts submitted for publication. It is important to note that the ultimate decision to accept or reject a manuscript lies solely with the editor.It is imperative that the reviewers refrain from divulging any information pertaining to a manuscript that is currently under consideration to individuals who are not involved in the professional advisory process. Following a decision, the editor may disclose the titles of the manuscripts and the names of the authors of the papers that have been accepted for publication.It is imperative that the reviewer demonstrates due regard for the intellectual autonomy of the authors.

    2. The author-editor's involvement in any editorial evaluation of the manuscript would be deemed a conflict of interest.It is imperative that any unpublished information or interpretations revealed in a submitted manuscript must not be utilized in the reviewer's personal research without the explicit consent of the author.In the event that a manuscript is found to be closely associated with the research of the reviewer, thereby creating a conflict of interest, it is incumbent upon the editor to ensure that another qualified individual assumes editorial responsibility for said manuscript.An author may respectfully request the editor to refrain from utilizing specific reviewers during the evaluation process of a manuscript.

    3. These are the general and ethical guidelines you need to adhere to achieve the quality output of a research paper.


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