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Page Numbers  1-5

Culture of Cyclops for Use the First Intermediate Host in Experimental life Cycle of SpirometraSpecies

Jairo Kavana Nicholas  1


Page Numbers  6-16

Generation of a Single-Domain Antibody against Isolated Escherichia Coli that Causes Camel-Calf Death

Abdishakur Hassan Faysal  1  2 Anouassi Abdelhaq  1 Thueng-in Kanyarat  3 Ketudat-Cairns Mariena  2 Parnpai Rangsun  2


Page Numbers  17-28

Oxidative Status and Reproductive Characteristics in Female Cavies (Cavia porcellus L.) Fed on Aqueous Extract of Avocado (Persea americana Mill.) Seed

Nguedia Arius Baulland Dongmo  1 Bertin Narcisse Vemo  1 Herve Tchoffo  1 Fulbert Aime Lontio  1 Brice Menkem  1 Motchewo Nadege Djuissi  1 Adamou Mohamadou  1 Tahir Markhous Adam Mahamat  1  2 Margaret Mary Momo Chongsi  1 Ferdinand Ngoula  1


Page Numbers  29-37

Comparative Healing Efficacy of Platelet Rich Fibrin and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Critical-Sized Ulnar Bone Defects in Rabbits

Zalama Esraa  1 Samy Alaa  1 Rizk Awad  1 Salama Basma  2 Karrouf Gamal  1

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