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Page Numbers  1-13

Detection of carbapenem resistance mechanisms among Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) isolated from broiler chickens

El- shaer Aya  1 Awad Amal  1 Younis Gamal  1


Page Numbers  14-30

Camel Brucellosis in Ethiopia: Seroprevalence and Associated Risk Factor

Waji Wario  1 Abda Neja Sultan  1


Page Numbers  31-48

A Review of Attempts to Identification and Antifungal Susceptibility of Dermatophytes (Microsporum Canis and Tricophyton Mentagrophytes) Isolated from Infected Cats and Dogs with Experimental Dermatophytosis of Guinea Pigs

Youssef Sohir  1 M.Elkenany Rasha  1 Younis Gamal  1

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