Journal of Plant and Animal Ecology

About The Journal

Journal of Plant and Animal Ecology (JPAE) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original, high-quality research in the fields of Plant and Animal Ecology. From studies of ecological communities, populations and behavior to restoration ecology and biological conservation, JPAE seeks to promote a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to addressing global ecological issues.


JPAE is aimed at providing a platform for researchers to share their latest findings and results with the wider scientific community. The main goal of the journal is to promote the scientific understanding of the ecology of plants and animals and to stimulate further research in this area. It is hoped that through publishing high-quality research, JPAE will contribute to the knowledge base and further our understanding of ecology.

By promoting research on the ecology of both plants and animals. Journal highlights the effects of land use, climate change, and other human activities on different species, emphasizing the need for conservation, restoration, and adaptive management. The journal also focuses on the introduction of species and the role of invasive species in ecosystems. JPAE encourages a range of research approaches, including laboratory and field studies, mathematical modeling and synthesis.

Scope of JPAE

Topic of interests but not limited to theoretical ecology, population ecology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, evolutionary ecology, functional ecology, microbial ecology and other related fields in plant and animal ecology. JPAE also focuses on interactions between organisms and the physical, biochemical and statistical environment they inhabit, as well as management and conservation topics.

Submission Process

All submissions can be done at our Online Manuscript Submission System. Authors are requested to submit their articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission. If you have difficulty in filling the online form, you can also send us via e-mail as an attachment to the Editorial Office [email protected] or “chat with us” by clicking the blue button at the left corner of the page.

Guidelines for the submission

Manuscript template: Title, List of authors, their affiliations and email addresses, Abstract, Introduction, Main body, Results and discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments (optional), References.

The journal has specific instructions for authors who are interested in submitting their work. All contributions must be written in English, and we request that authors adhere to the structure and instructions specified on the website. We accept only original and previously unpublished manuscripts that have not been submitted elsewhere.

Article Processing Charges

In order to keep their publication process open and freely accessible, JPAE charges a nominal fee for article processing charges (APC) to cover their publication costs. These costs help JPAE maintain their commitment to providing the scientific community with all current research on plant and animal ecology. For authors who may not have the funds to cover these costs, JPAE grants waivers to those in need, allowing publications of all sorts to reach a greater audience.

Editorial Board

The editorial board of JPAE consists of leading researchers in the area. The board reviews and considers the appropriateness and relevance of the submitted articles before further review. The journal's editorial team assesses the scientific quality and the technical correctness of each manuscript to make sure it is suitable for publication.

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JPAE is indexed in Google scholar, Research Bib, Crossref, Academic Keys, OCLC World cat, Global Impact Factor, etc.

Articles will be deposited in Sherpa Romeo.

If the research work is funded by NIH then the article will get indexed in PubMed.

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