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Volume No : 2 Issue No : 3


Page Numbers  1-9

Concomitant in Vivo Voltammetric and Electrophysiological Analysis Indicate that Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Affects Dopamine and then Serotonin Activities in Brain Substancia Nigra.

Crespi Francesco  1
1 Biology, GSK, Verona, Italy

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Page Numbers  10-21

Principles and Constants of the Golden Proportion as a Criterion in Donosological Diagnostics of the Functional States of The Body and in the Assessment of the Probability of their Changes

Karabayev M.  1 M. Gasanova N.  1 T. Botirov M.  1 Kosimova G.S.  1
1 Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health, Uzbekistan.

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