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International Journal of Global Health

International Journal of Global Health

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Proposing Special Issue


Special issue can be proposed individually or in collaboration with another guest editor(s)

Must provide:

  • Propose a theme and title

Information required for proposal would be:

  • A brief biography of the editor and any guest editors, if any
  • Introductory essay/review by editor
  • Proposed papers - Provide information on possible papers
  • Proposed reviewers - Probable reviewers list
  • Expected timeframe milestones - Proposed dates. You can take into account author's suggested deadline for submitting final papers, add the time needed for reviews, allow a few grace days, and determine the likely timeframe for receiving final, accepted files.


Publisher's role:

  • We can get papers
  • We can provide reviewers
  • We assist you in the processing of manuscripts by offering an interface via which you may examine papers, track their progress, upload or download files, contact with publishers, reviewers, and authors, receive manuscript progress notifications, and delegate work to the support team, among other things.
  • Publish the manuscripts online.

These are not hard and fast rules and are tentative. We can discuss and finalize who will be doing what at our convenience. Any other support required can be asked.

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