Journal of Glycomics And Metabolism

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Page Numbers  1-11

Different Effects of Ethanol and Activation of TRPM8 ION Channel on Metabolic Response to Cold

V. Kozyreva Tamara  1  2 Ya. Tkachenko Elena  2 P. Kozaruk Valery  2 M. Khramova Galina  2


Page Numbers  12-23

Synthesis of Labeled Rifabutin Dithiocarbamate: A Potential Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Imaging Agent

Qaiser Shah Syed  1 Momin Saima  1


Page Numbers  24-29

Rescuing Canavan Disease by Redirecting Metabolic Processing: Support for the Astrocyte Hypothesis of Canavan Disease Generation and A Possible Human Cure

H Baslow Morris  1 N Guilfoyle David  1

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