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International Physiology Journal-Melatonin physiology-Rajesh Kumar Kharwar


Kutir Post Graduate College, Chakkey, Jaunpur, UP, India

05450241138, 9453790022

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Rajesh Kumar Kharwar


Department of Zoology Kutir Post Graduate College Chakkey, Jaunpur UP, INDIA

Research Interests:

Melatonin physiology,lung associated immune system,diabetes,pulmonary fibrosis,lung injury


Junior Research Fellowship (CSIR, New Delhi),

List of Publication:

  1. Kharwar, RK and Haldar, C (2011). Anatomical and histological profile of bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue and localization of melatonin receptor types (Mel1a and Mel1b) in the lungassociated immune system of a tropical bird, Perdicula asiatica. Acta Histochemica, 113: 333–339.
  2. Kharwar, RK and Haldar, C (2011). Reproductive phase dependent variation in Lung associated immune system (LAIS) and expression of melatonin receptors (Mel1a & Mel1b) in lung of a tropical bird, Perdicula asiatica. Can. J. Zool., 89: 10–183. 
  3. Kharwar, RK and Haldar, C (2011). Photoperiod regulates lung associated immunological parameters and melatonin receptor (Mel1a and Mel1b) in lungs of a tropical bird, Perdicula asiatica. Photochem. Photobiol., 87:427-432.
  4. Kharwar, RK and Haldar, C (2011). Reproductive phase dependent daily variation in melatonin receptors (Mel1a and Mel1b), androgen receptor (AR) and lung associated immunity of Perdicula asiatica. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A 159: 119–124.
  5. Kharwar, RK and Haldar, C (2012). Daily variation in antioxidant enzymes and lipid peroxidation in lungs of a tropical bird Perdicula asiatica: Role of melatonin and nuclear receptor RORα. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part A. 162: 296–302.
  6. Kharwar, RK and Haldar, C (2012). Annual variation in lung associated immunity and season dependent invasion of Alternaria alternata in lungs of Indian jungle bush quail, Perdicula asiatica. Animal Biol. 62: 301–314.
  7. Singh, B, Katiyar, D, Chauhan, RS, Kharwar, RK and Lall, AM (2013). Influence of UV Treatment on β galactosidase Produced by Lactobacillus plantarum. J. Pure and Applied Microbiology. 7 (1):595-601.