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Brain Fatigue is a Critical Issue

1PhD in Sport Science, Department of Sport Science, Teesside University

2BSc in sport therapy and rehabilitations, Department of Sport Science, Teesside University


The brain is one of the most complicated body segments which processes almost all activities in human body. Excessive physical and mental overloads can cause brain fatigue and may put the brain health at risk of various disorders. Strategies such as reducing the workloads and performing mediation and walking provide opportunities for brain to relax and reconstruct its capability again.

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Received 11 Feb 2019; Accepted 11 Feb 2019; Published 12 Feb 2019;

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Nasim Habibzadeh, Daniel Wood (2019) Brain Fatigue is a Critical Issue. International Physiology Journal - 2(2):11-13.

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DOI 10.14302/issn.2578-8590.ipj-19-2653


The brain is one of the most dynamic and complex organ in human body which controls almost all activities through nervous systems1. The brain mainly is made up ofthe cerebrum, the brainstem and the cerebellum and many different lobs that are vary in their functions. In accordance to this he brain obtains various of sensations such as pain, heat, smell and hearing and many different kind of feelings. In addition, it processes the thoughts, speech, judgments and coordination. The brain also stimulates all voluntary movement and functions in body systems 2, 3 (Figure 1). Correspondingly, it could be solely assumed that the brain has high level of importance in terms of delicacy and tolerance. Therefore, the brain accounts for very vital and sensitive organs in human body and the brain fatigues owing to the prolonged mental loads and hyperactivities should be considered as serious dilemma.

Figure 1.Brain segments and functions
Brain segments and functions

The brain fatigues is a phenomena at which brain will have not an optimal function in different domains owing to the excessive mental or physical loads which can lead crisis and hardship in brain and its functions 4. Factors such as computer overuse and resultantly visual impairment is one of important factors of brain’s cell fatigue. Undesirable news and bad images dramatically affect the brain optimum functions. Various type of stress also may cause mind inactivity as well as mental issues in daily life. Overactivity on the other hands influences on brain ability and workouts. High level of mind pressures and headache in addition to the body’ fatigue are other notable outcomes of hyperactivations (Figure 2). Therefore, what strategies are required to preserve prolong brain health and to prevent brain fatigue hazards in nowadays life ?Among different approaches, slowing the routine of workloads or quitting the work temporarily in some occasions could be beneficial as the brain can find opportunity to relax and to reconstruct its capability. Avoiding of unpleasant events or changing any unsatisfactory scenery or environments are other efficient procedures to keep the brain in an ideal working condition so that healthy. Exercising the mind with some mediation scheme or listening to the music could be helpful in reducing the mind pressures and mental overloads. Walking in part is the most efficient tactics in renewing the brain strength / power. During walking all body segments move at the same time and thus the whole body parts inhale more oxygen and subsequently exhale more carbon dioxide. As result, substituting oxygen repositories refresh the brain space and positively restore the brain functional capacity in overall 5.

Figure 2.Brain fatigue
 Brain fatigue


The brain is a highly sensitive organ in human body. The physical and mental overloads can cause the brain fatigue which dramatically can put the brain function at risk in different aspects. Preventive strategies such as slowing the workloads and performing exercises such as mediation and walking are very effective approaches to prevent brain fatigue and to elongate the brain health .


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