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  • How Long a Motivation May Last?

    Nasim Habibzadeh 1  

    1PhD in Sport Science, Department of Sport Science, Teesside University, UK


    Motivation is a kind of goal which ones could have over short or long terms in life. It could include both intrinsic and extrinsic types. Intrinsic motivations are composed of long term goals which associated with the internal individual‘s motivation whereas extrinsic motivations are empowered by external environments. Correspondingly, with considering the individual endurances, the type of hardships in different types of motivations is varied. In this between, the individual devotion in relation to their goal is determinate factors. Some people devoted their entire life to their goals, so how determinate you are?

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    Nasim Habibzadeh (2019) How Long a Motivation May Last?. Journal of Human Psychology - 1(2):11-13.

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    DOI 10.14302/issn.2644-1101.jhp-19-3010


    Motivation is a kind of thought which ones have toward willingness and goals in psychological terms 1. Successful individual always have a high level of motivations although they have to pass of a high level of hardship pass way also (Figure 1). The motivated individual owing to the high level of endurance, have strong desires in any actions they execute. Highly motivated individuals are such athlete or life time scientists in practice. They continuously work without thinking that how hard a task it could be in order to achieve to their goals. Motivated people have the high level of inspirations by themselves and can be inspired by any factor in space or time 2.

    Figure 1. Motivation theme


    Motivations origin from two intrinsic and extrinsic sources. The intrinsic motivations refer to the factors such curiosity, learning which can be permanent as they are a kind of internal inception from the birth time whereas the extrinsic motivation are reinforced by external factors such as some rewards or even punishments which can end up to a specific point of time 3, 4 (Figure 2). Nonetheless, the intrinsic motivations could be life-changing as one’s can go by unthinkable stages to achieve a goal. This is why, some novel discoveries using highly level devotions will happen in the certain field. This might cost one’s whole life among different goals as well as individual across globs.

    Figure 2. The types of motivations
     The types of motivations


    Motivation is a psychological behavioral demand toward a long - or - short term goal. The long- term motivations are intrinsic and short-terms motivations are extrinsic. The short-term motivations are limited to the time among different people whilst high level motivations always create people such as elites or scientists for example. In these relations, owing to strong level of devotions, one’s can go for a goal in a non - stop - manner to discover or create something new to prime a goal for other human kinds toward more feasible and enjoyable life.


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