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Page Numbers  1-11

Living Kidney Transplant: The Influence of Intra-Operative Hemodynamics on Delayed Graft Function

J. Schutt Ryan  1 Case Jamie  1 Barrick Bethany  1 E. Toll Alice  2 L. Schaffer Randolph  1 S. Fisher Jonathan  1 C. Rice James  1 L. Marsh Christopher  1


Page Numbers  12-20

Should All Living Kidney Donors Receive Donor Health Insurance? - Ethical Guidance for Evaluating Policies and Actions that Provide Financial Benefits to Living Organ Donors

C Bester Johan  1 M. Flechner Stuart  2 Ronin Matt  3 Hil Garet  3


Page Numbers  21-27

Comparison the Diagnostic Value of Doppler Ultrasonography to Biopsy, in Evaluation of Post-transplant Complications and Kidney Function

Hajipour Roja  1 Morteza Bagheri Seyed  1 Ghadamzadeh Mostafa  1 Sadeghi Pedram  2 Vahedifard Farzan  3 Salmanipour Alireza  1

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