Journal of Organ Transplantation


Volume: 1

Issue No: 2

1 Research-article Published on 2017-12-20     DOI: 10.14302/
Title: Living Kidney Transplant: The Influence of Intra-Operative Hemodynamics on Delayed Graft Function
Page Numbers  1-11
2 Review-article Published on 2018-12-13     DOI: 10.14302/
Title: Should All Living Kidney Donors Receive Donor Health Insurance? - Ethical Guidance for Evaluating Policies and Actions that Provide Financial Benefits to Living Organ Donors
Page Numbers  12-20
3 Research-article Published on 2022-10-13     DOI: 10.14302/
Title: Comparison the Diagnostic Value of Doppler Ultrasonography to Biopsy, in Evaluation of Post-transplant Complications and Kidney Function
Page Numbers  21-27

Issue No: 1

1 Case-report Published on 2017-07-24     DOI: 10.14302/
Title: Mycosis Fungoides Presenting as a Pigmented Purpuric Dermatosis in a Renal Transplanted Patient
Page Numbers  1-4
2 Research-article Published on 2017-06-17     DOI: 10.14302/
Title: Chronic Pain One to Five Years after Lung Transplantation
Page Numbers  5-16
3 Research-article Published on 2017-06-16     DOI: 10.14302/
Title: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Profiles of Patients with Acute Renal Rejection to Personalize Immunosuppressive Therapy: Preliminary Results from An On-Going, Italian Study
Page Numbers  17-31
4 Case-report Published on 2017-09-01     DOI: 10.14302/
Title: Atypical Patterns of Constrictive Pericarditis after Heart Transplantation: A Case Report
Page Numbers  32-37