Journal of Obesity Management

ISSN: 2574-450X


Aims And Scope

Call For Research And Review Papers

Open Access Pub launches the Open Peer Reviewed Journal -”Journal of Obesity Management”. JOM focuses on the assessment of eating disorders, habits and lifestyle of obese people. It aims to form a primary source for examining ,diagnosing, treating and leading to a much healthier prospectus of obesity affected presons. Hoping that this helps clinicians all over the world connect, gain and share their experiences which inturn help regain healthy living.

Obesity has several underlying reasons, which are being researched and recorded world wide. Since people being diagnosed with obesity are increasing day by day it has now become a necessity to address the problem globally and discuss all the possibilities of its causes, preventive measures and novel treatments.

This journal provides insights into all aspects of obesity. Be it the research originated from the patients perspective like the causes or the preventive measures or the treatment. And not only these, but from the clinician aspect of view like special case reports, novel diagnosis methods, new equipment, drug or method to assist the treatment and all such other valuable information which should be available to all the scientists globally to help combat it unitedly