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International Journal of Pain Management

International Journal of Pain Management

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About The Journal

The International Journal of Pain Management (IJP) is an open-access medical journal. It is a peer-reviewed publication that focuses on advances in pain management and explores the underlying science and mechanisms of pain, providing readers with a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the field.

IJP is dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from chronic and acute pain and is committed to disseminating the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of pain-related conditions. It aims to provide a platform for research and discussion to facilitate new ideas and insight into the management and treatment of pain, and to create a community of experts in this field. IJP seeks to provide readers with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of the pain management field and to foster dialogue among professionals dedicated to the prevention and treatment of pain.

Submission Process:

Submission to IJP is open to authors from all countries. Articles can be submitted through the journal’s online submission system. All submissions will undergo an initial screening, and those deemed suitable for peer review will be sent to two or more experts in the field, who will review the manuscript and provide feedback. Upon receipt of feedback from the peer reviewers, the editors will make a decision regarding the suitability of the manuscript for publication in the journal.

Advantages of Publishing:

The International Journal of Pain Management (IJP) is free for all to read and is published in online format, offering authors and readers an innovative platform for the rapid dissemination of their work. IJP is open access, meaning that all authors and readers can access their research without any subscription or membership fees. This helps to support high standards and ethical publishing, ensuring that authors' work is widely read and read without barriers.


Scope of IJP:

Acute Pain, Anesthesia, Antidepressants, Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery, Arthroscopy, Basic medical sciences, Cardiovascular medicine, Chronic Back Pain, Chronic Non-malignant Pain (CNMP), Chronic Pain, Clinical medicine, etc.

Remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope 


Instructions to Prepare your article:

IJP welcomes submissions from all disciplines, including medicine, psychology, nursing and allied health, physiotherapy, physical therapy, psychiatry, public health, and social work. The journal publishes a wide range of papers, including original research articles, systematic reviews, practice guidelines and case reports. Prospective authors are encouraged to review the journal's Instructions for Authors for information about manuscript preparation, submission and peer review. All submissions must adhere to the journal's ethical guidelines and must be written in Plain English. IJP encourages authors to make use of professional editing services to ensure that their submissions meet the journal's standards.


Article Processing Charge:

IJP is a member of the Open Access Publication, where authors are required to pay an article processing charge (APC) for each accepted contribution. The APC covers all services related to the publication and distribution of all accepted contributions including review, editing, production, and hosting.


Editorial Board:

The journal's editorial board consists of an outstanding team of experts from across the world. They provide an authoritative resource for the latest research and reviews in the field of pain management. The members of the editorial board are experienced clinicians, researchers, administrators and educators from various disciplines. They have vast experience in the field and strive to promote the highest standard of scientific research. Along with their clinical experience, the editorial board members are also involved in research, publishing and teaching.



1. You are providing a very fast return during the examination of the articles. I think that researchers would prefer this situation. You're also giving positive criticism to the manuscript in writing, and you're facilitating the work of researchers. Especially for young researchers to share their work with you will be appropriate for their scientific development. I wish you success.

Fatih Ozcelik  University of Health Sciences

2. The pleasant experience of collaborating with your journal is unforgettable. The sincere and respectful communication of the editor delighted me with the valuable comments of my dear reviewers. This magazine embraces scientific perspectives without bias against religions that are very respectful. The process of reviewing articles is fast. Working with this magazine was proud. I hope that this cooperation will continue. I would advise you to work with the journal, it will be pleasant.

Minoo Asadzandi   - Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences


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