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Page Numbers  1-6

Doctor-Patient Relationship as Dancing a Dance

Luis Turabian Jose  1


Page Numbers  7-18

The Temporal World in Caregivers of Cancer Survivors: Intertextual Analysis of their Experiences about the Perception of Time Compared with Excerpts from the Book "Einstein's Dreams

Vargas Rafael  1 Camargo Andres  2


Page Numbers  19-29

Exploring the Experiences of Partners of Veterans with Mental health Difficulties Attending a Group Psychoeducation Support Intervention: A Qualitative Study.

Spencer-Harper Lucy  1 Turgoose David  1 Murphy Dominic  1  2


Page Numbers  30-41

Exploring the Feasibility of Supporting UK Partners Living Alongside Veterans with PTSD: A Pilot Study of the Together Programme (TTP)

Murphy Dominic  1  2 Spencer-Harper Lucy  1 Turgoose David  1

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