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Journal of Family Medicine (JFM) is an open access, peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes original research and reviews of topics related to the field of family medicine. It is the official journal of the Open Access Pub, providing a unique platform for the dissemination of international family medicine information and research. JFM covers topics related to family medicine such as primary care, medical ethics, clinical decisions, health promotion, and prevention of disease. The journal also covers research on medical education and policy, as well as topics related to public health and health systems.


JFM promotes the highest standards of evidence-based clinical practice and public health interventions in family medicine. JFM publishes original research, review articles, and case reports from the field of family medicine and related specialties. Articles submitted to JFM are evaluated for their originality, accuracy, scientific relevance, and potential for making an impact on family medicine and public health.



The aim of the journal is to disseminate essential knowledge to advance the science, practices, and public policy pertaining to family medicine, and health care in the form of research, reviews, and innovations. JFM fosters an open-access publishing model in which scientific knowledge is freely available to readers regardless of their economic, cultural, or educational background.


JFM is dedicated to advancing the research, education, and practice of family medicine for the benefit of patients, their families and communities. Its mission is to facilitate the diffusion of knowledge and advances in clinical practice in family medicine and related fields. With its diverse range of topics, JFM offers researchers, students, clinicians, and policy makers a truly comprehensive source of up-to-date information. Thus, JFM is helping family medicine reach new heights of excellence by providing evidence-based and impactful research.


JFM is an editorially independent journal committed to upholding the highest ethical standards. All manuscripts undergo a stringent peer-review process before acceptance. The editors are all committed to evaluating the merits of submitted manuscripts on the basis of their scientific merit, accuracy of content, and relevance to the journal’s scope. The editorial board is composed of a diverse group of international experts.



Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the journal website and will undergo a rigorous peer review process. All manuscripts must comply with the journal’s ethical guidelines on authorship, data protection and copyright, and the work must not have been previously published. Authors should follow the journal’s Instructions for Authors, which includes a detailed description of the submission process.  Furthermore, authors should ensure that their contributions adhere to the journal’s formatting and referencing guidelines. JFM is committed to providing a positive publishing experience and strives to be a leader in the field of family medicine.


The journal focuses on presenting theoretical and practical studies that add to the knowledge of family medicine and its disciplines, allowing healthcare professionals to access the latest research and medical developments in their field. JFM works to disseminate the highest-quality original research and reviews to practitioners, researchers, and students of family medicine. JFM, published by Open Access Pub, encourages authors to submit manuscripts that represent original, previously unpublished research outcomes in related fields.



As an open access journal, all of the content on JFM is available for free. All articles are securely deposited in the journal’s archive and are indefinitely accessible for download. Subscriptions are available for individuals and institutions who want to access timely content and stay updated with the latest developments in family medicine.


The journal seeks to provide authors with a timely publication process. Authors can submit their manuscripts on the journal’s online submission system and are welcome to contact the editorial office with questions or concerns regarding the submission process. Once accepted for publication, articles are published on the journal’s website and are made available to readers from all over the world.








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