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Journal of Current Scientific Research

Journal of Current Scientific Research

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About The Journal

Journal of Current Scientific Research (JCSR) is an open access, peer-reviewed, scientific journal that publishes scholarly research in the fields of science and technology. The journal aims to promote research in areas, such as chemistry, materials science, engineering, physics, biology, mathematics, and their related interdisciplinary fields. JCSR publishes high-quality research articles, original studies, reviews, and short reports, short communications, case reports, letters to the editor, Editorials, clinical case images, opinions, mini-reviews, and conference proceeding articles.



Journal of Current Scientific Research (JCSR) scope includes the following areas of research: physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, medicine, and health sciences, engineering, computer science, materials science, mathematics, nanoscience and nanotechnology, earth and environmental sciences, astronomy and astrophysics. Further, we are interested in all sub-disciplines such as bioinformatics, physiology, geology, and biochemistry.



The mission of JCSR is to promote scientific research and provide a platform for the open exchange of ideas and new developments in science and technology. The journal is committed to providing authors with a fast and efficient publication process while ensuring high-quality standards are met.


Submission Process

The journal accepts manuscripts written in English, which may be submitted directly via the online submission system. Before submission, authors are requested to check the Instructions for Authors page to ensure that they are submitting in an acceptable format. All submissions are subject to a rigorous single-blind peer-review process. Once accepted, papers will be published online on the journal homepage. 



Authors are requested to read the instruction for authors carefully before submitting their work to JCSR. Authors should also ensure that their manuscript is prepared as per the journal’s guidelines and includes all the required elements of a scientific paper. The journal also promotes scientific writing and offers additional support to authors in their preparation of manuscripts.


Editorial Board 

JCSR is an interdisciplinary journal, and the editorial board is composed of leading international researchers from a wide range of disciplines. All papers published by JCSR are rigorously reviewed and edited to ensure that only the highest quality research is selected for publication. The editorial board strives to ensure that the papers published in JCSR meet the highest scientific standards and provide important insights from across the scientific fields.


Peer Review

The peer review system provides accuracy and reliability to the articles. Through a single-blind peer review system, articles are checked for originality, relevance, accuracy, clarity and compliance with ethical guidelines. The editorial board at JCSR comprises experts drawn from across the world who provide their experience and guidance throughout the publication process.

Brief Details of our Service

Articles Approved - It is based on the quality of the article, it will be checked by plagiarism test. 

QC System - We maintain 100% as we are doing a single blind peer review process with eminent reviewers and editors.

Assurance -Your article will be deposited in Sherpa Romeo so no need to worry about it.

Reputation - Most of the published authors are interested in submitting their articles again in our 198 journals.

Processing - It will be done within 14 days from the submission date.

Publication - Article will be published within 36 hours from the acceptance date with proofreads.

Professional Author service -Dedicated personal assistance to authors and readers 24X7.

OpenAccess -All the published articles are freely available to all interested online readers.


Article Processing Charge

Operating costs of JCSR are supported by processing fees from authors. Authors can also pay the fees from academia, institutions, or the government, all are required to pay the same processing fee. This fee is not refundable once the article is accepted for publication. Authors can make the payment via PayPal. 


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