Journal of Bone Marrow Biology

Journal of Bone Marrow Biology

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Aims And Scope


Journal of Bone Marrow Biology (JBMB) is an open access publication. JBMB focuses on the latest advancements in the area of bone marrow biology and is a great resource for researchers and scientists in the field. The journal provides quality research articles, reviews, and clinical reports on subjects such as bone marrow stem cell biology, bone marrow transplantation, bone marrow transplantation complications, bone marrow physiology, bone marrow microenvironment, and bone marrow diseases.


Through quality peer-reviewed research and scholarly reviews, JBMB strives to promote the understanding of bone marrow biology and its implications for healthcare. The journal also seeks to improve the understanding of bone marrow stem cells and their associated diseases, facilitate bone marrow based therapies, and promote bone marrow transplantation as an effective means of treating bone marrow diseases.


JBMB is specifically designed to cover the broad scope of research in the field of bone marrow biology. Topics include bone marrow transplantation, bone marrow diseases, bone marrow development, bone marrow stem cells, bone marrow-derived immune cells, bone marrow-related pathologies, bone marrow-based gene therapy, and the study of bone marrow markers and target molecules.


The journal also aims to provide an interactive platform for researchers, clinicians, and educators from the various fields of bone marrow biology to come together and exchange ideas. Through the publication of commentaries and review articles, JBMB seeks to provide a perspective that is relevant to the various stakeholders in the field of bone marrow biology.

Contributions from the following research areas are invited but not limited to the following branches –


Topical treatments
Transcription factors
Symptoms and side effects
Socio-economic status
Risk factors
Psychological aspects
Prognostic factors
Novel drugs
Minimal invasive surgery techniques
Infections and virus
Incidence and mortality
Habits and lifestyle
Food and Nutrition
Experimental studies
Drug targeting
Drug sensitivity and resistance
Diagnostic techniques

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