International Journal of Pain Management

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International Journal of Pain Management--Charly Gaul


Chief physician.


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Charly Gaul


Neurological Intensive Care Migraine and Headache Clinic Königstein,
Ölmühlweg 31 in 61462,


  • Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and the Karl-Ruprecht University of Heidelberg.
  • Specialist training at the university clinics of Erlangen and Halle.
  • He worked as a senior physician at the University Hospital in Halle and EssenrnResearch stay at the University of ZurichrnHead of the West German Headache Center in Essen.
  • Since 1 January 2012 medical director of the Migraine and Headache Clinicrn(6 months) in cooperation with Dr. ReschrnHabilitation October 2012 "Therapy concepts of chronic headaches".
  • Since 2012 "Visiting Editor of the Journal of Headache and Pain"Specialist for Neurology, Special Pain Therapy, Neurological Intensive CarernScientific focus: migraine, headache recruitment, multimodal therapy, cluster headache, headache in children, facial pain."

Awards and Prizes:

  • MSD Scholarship Migraine 2006
  • Secretary General of the German Migraine and Headache Society from 1 January 2016


  • International Hedache Society (IHS)
  • A member of the Presidium of the German Migraine
  • Headache Society (DMKG)
  • German Pain Society (DGSS)
  • Ad-hoc Commission congress training DGSS
  • Arbeitskreis pain in children adolescents DGSS
  • Working Group orofacial pain of DGSS program Committee of the German pain congress since 2011
  • German society for Neuroscience assessment (DGNB)
  • German society of Neurology (DGN)
  • Commission Clinical trials of DGN
  • German society for Neuro intensive and  emergency medicine (DGNI)
  • Federal Association of Cluster Headache
  • Self -Help Groups (CSG)
  • Expert Group Off-Label Neurology / Psychiatry at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.