International Journal of Pain Management

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International Journal of Pain Management-Mental health-Siavash  Jafari

University of British Columbia

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Siavash Jafari


Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addiction
Building 28, 3405 Willingdone Ave
Burnaby BC, V5G 3H4

Research Interests:

  • Mental health
  • Pain
  • Substance abuse
  • Epidemiology
  • Public health


  • I am a duly qualified physician licensed to practice in the Province of British Columbia by the College of physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. 
  • I am a fellow in good standing of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada with a speciality training in “Public Health & Preventive Medicine”. 
  • My specialty education involved extensive assessments and trainings in occupational diseases. 
  • Also, I am a specialist in “Addiction Medicine and Mental Health” and hold a Fellowship from the American Board of the Addiction Medicine. 
  • I have been an invited speaker in several public health, chronic pain, and addiction conferences and have built reputation for my expertise in these fields. 
  • I have been a contributor to publications on mental health, chronic pain and addiction issues. 
  • I have a certificate of sports medicine from the International Olympics 
  • Committee with special interest in sport injuries. I work as an addiction and mental health and chronic pain physician in several community health clinics of Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and in the Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addiction. 
  • I am also a clinical faculty in the faculty in the faculty of medicine at the University of British Columbia.