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ISSN: 2474-7785
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    Disciplined Open-Air Exercise to Decelerate Aging: Toward Ecstatic Pains

    Akbar Nikkhah 1  

    1Chief Highly Distinguished Professor and Scientist, National Elites Foundation, Iran


    This editorial aims to propose and delineate that disciplined open-air exercise can slow down aging in humans. The aging process may be slowed down by outdoor physical training (e.g., mountaineering, climbing, running, swimming, walking, jogging) mainly because of fresh air inhalation and psychological calmness. However, for outdoor exercise to be a healthy asset, it should be performed in unpolluted and uncontaminated environments. Advanced public education policies must be developed to persuade people to maximize their outdoor physical activities. This is to ensure achieving peace and serenity for both body and psych. Integrated social activities may also be encouraged with open-air exercise. As such, stress in the third millennium can be pragmatically attenuated and managed. As a result of slower aging process, human life quality may improve worldwide.

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    Received 06 Feb 2024; Accepted 07 Feb 2024; Published 19 Feb 2024;

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    Competing interests

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    Akbar Nikkhah (2024) Disciplined Open-Air Exercise to Decelerate Aging: Toward Ecstatic Pains. Journal of Ageing Research and Healthcare - 5(1):15-16.

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    DOI 10.14302/issn.2474-7785.jarh-24-4967


    The objective of this editorial was to develop and propose a philosophy that open-air exercise can slow down aging and enhance life quality. The importance of outdoor exercise in improving human health has already been addressed 1, 2, 3. However, the biological significance of open-air physical activity on aging physiology needs to be further discussed and elaborated on 4. Open-air exercise can enhance social interactions of the young and the elderly within fresh and clean environments, contributing to improved body and psych health. Increased heart rate and sweating can improve health through known and unknown mechanisms. Disciplined open-air exercise daily or weekly may positively regulate intake rhythms as well. This can contribute to reducing metabolic issues such as diabetes and obesity 5, 6, 7, 8.

    Disciplined outdoor exercises such as daily walking and jogging, daily running, weekly mountaineering and climbing, and daily or weekly swimming can help the highly stressed man of the new modern era to relax and experience a calmer and more ecstatic life. This editorial proposes and elaborates on a novel ideology based upon which the modern human should adopt a lifestyle that involves disciplined open-air exercise for longer and higher quality lifespan. In other words, adequate disciplined outdoor physical activity and social interactions can delay aging and enhance the quality of the increased lifespan. This strategy is not limited to the elderly. It highlights the importance of sufficient disciplined open-air exercise for preferably young generations in order to experience healthier older ages.

    The public health and nutrition guidelines should be revisited and refined to incorporate disciplined open-air physical training and social activities toward higher quality human life. Future research should be formulated and designed to uncover the many aspects of this phenomenon.


    Disciplined open-air physical activity and social interactions should be encouraged and incorporated into modern and post-modern public health and nutrition guidelines. This editorial proposed a new philosophy that increased disciplined exercise (e.g., climbing, mountaineering, running, jogging, walking, swimming) can improve life quality through enhancing human health during older ages. This means slower aging process and more joyful and less painful aging process for the modern highly stressed man.


    Nature is acknowledged for its inspirations towards scientific contemplations and enhanced human life quality in the modern and post-modern eras.


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