Journal of Respiratory Diseases

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Page Numbers  1-10

Lung Cancer and Isolated Adrenal Metastases: Different Disease?

A. S. Sardenberg Rodrigo  1 N. Younes Riad  2 Andre Costa Marcos  3 Henrique A. Teixeira Carlos  3


Page Numbers  11-15

Acute pneumonia: infection or inflammation in the lung?

Klepikov I.  1


Page Numbers  16-27

Two-Phase Lung Damage Mechanisms For COVID-19 Disease, and Driving Force and Selectivity in Leukecyte Recruitment and Migration

Wu Jianqing  1 Zha Ping  2


Page Numbers  28-37

Microalbuminuria and the Presence of Hypoxemia in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

M. Rezwanuzzaman S.  1 K. Al Miraj A.  2 Majumder Shuvo  3 Hasan Zakir  1 Alam Kaoser  1 Uddin Patwary Nasir  1

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