Journal of Primates

Aims and Scope

Journal of Primates is an Open Access journal that aims to publish a complete and reliable source of information on the advanced and very latest research topics. It provides a platform for researchers and scientists to investigate the advanced and latest research developments in the field of Primatology. The main objective of this journal is to emphasize the diverse fields covering Evolution, Cognition, Behavior, Social processes, primate behavior, physiology, ecology, genetics, morphology, and conservation. Primates are dedicated to facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and understanding of the morphophysiology, and conservation of primates. The journal aims to publish groundbreaking research on various topics among primates throughout the world, promoting collaborations and dialogues among the international research community of primatologists and related fields. 


Journal pertaining to the study of primates in a multidisciplinary manner. We welcome studies from a wide range of disciplines including; evolutionary biology, genetics, zoology, anthropology, nutrition, and behavior. The overall scope of the journal is to promote interdisciplinary research into the biology, and conservation of all primate species, the study, and conservation of non-human primates in the wild and in captive populations, as well as applied research related to primate management and interactions with human populations. The journal encourages an integrative approach and seeks to promote discourse across various disciplines, such as evolutionary biology, comparative anatomy, nutrition, endocrinology, and infectious diseases.


Primates publish research articles on topics such as primate behavior, nutrition, ecology, evolution, morphology and taxonomy, zoology, heredity, and conservation. The journal encourages the submission of experimental studies, reviews, meta-analyses, and hypotheses. We encourage contributions from all areas of the scientific community and welcome different methodological approaches and perspectives. We accept reports that use field-based observations, molecular, morphological, and behavioral methods, as well as reports of primate-related policy and management initiatives. 


Journal that covers all aspects of research on all species of primates. The journal has a broad range of topics that include conservation, reproductive biology, behavioral studies, taxonomy, systematics. It is devoted to the advancement and communication of knowledge concerning the biology and systematics of primates and their role in the natural environment. Primates are dedicated to the publication of high-quality scientific papers that advance our understanding of primate species, ecology, and evolution. We accept original research, reviews, and commentaries related to primates. We also provide a platform for discussion and debate on important issues in the field. Primates seek to act as a platform for the exchange of novel hypotheses, advancements in technique, and understanding of primate biology. 


Below few keywords are specified which belong to the scope of the journal and are not strictly limited. For any queries, do contact us at [email protected]



  • Prolemur
  • Propithecus
  • Social-ecological systems
  • Primatomorpha
  • Neotropical primates
  • Primate cognition
  • Primate Ecology
  • Primate Sexual Dimorphism
  • Primate Psychology
  • Primates research
  • Behavioral ecology of primates
  • Evolutionary anthropology of primates
  • Primate conservation biology
  • Comparative anatomy of primates
  • Primate physiology and biochemistry
  • Primate social behavior and cognition
  • Primatology and primate behavior
  • Primate disease and health
  • Primate genetics and genomics
  • Primate neurobiology and behavior
  • Primate paleontology and evolution
  • Primate taxonomy and systematics
  • Primate communication and language
  • Primate ecology and environment
  • Primate habitat restoration and management
  • Primate evolution and biogeography
  • Primate adaptation and locomotion
  • Primate feeding ecology and nutrition
  • Primate reproduction and parenting
  • Primate sensory and perceptual systems
  • Primate learning and cognition
  • Primate tool use and technology
  • Primate conservation and restoration
  • Primate conservation genetics
  • Primate behavioral ecology
  • Primate social systems
  • Primate physiology and morphology
  • Primate behavioral neuroscience
  • Primate evolutionary biology
  • Primate population genetics
  • Primate conservation and management
  • Primate endocrinology
  • Primate biogeography
  • Primate genomics
  • Primate nutrition and ecology
  • Primate social learning and culture
  • Primate habitat fragmentation
  • Primate reproductive biology
  • Primate health and disease ecology
  • Primate microbiomes
  • Primate diet and nutrition
  • Primate vocal communication
  • Primate sexual selection and behavior
  • Primate personality and individual differences
  • Primate aging and senescence
  • Primate cognition and decision-making
  • Primate conservation strategies
  • Primate community ecology
  • Primate behavioral plasticity


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