Journal of Public Health International

ISSN: 2641-4538



Volume: 4

Issue No: 3

1 Research-article Published on 2021-10-16     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2641-4538.jphi-21-3950
Title: Factors Influencing Hospital Cleaners’ Knowledge and Practices toward Hepatitis B prevention in Northern Province of Rwanda
Page Numbers  1-14
2 Opinion-article Published on 2021-11-10     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2641-4538.jphi-21-4001
Title: By Design: Aligning Structure with Values
Page Numbers  48-54
3 Research-article Published on 2021-11-18     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2641-4538.jphi-21-3993
Title: Ameliorative Potential of Chlorogenic Acid on Rotenone-Induced Neurotoxicity in Drosophila Melanogaster Model
Page Numbers  55-66