Journal of Biosemiotic Research

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Article Processing Charges

Article Processing Charges are to be paid upon acceptance of your manuscript. Since we solely depend on these charges and any other sources like advertising are not encouraged by us for maintaining the luxury of peaceful reading. Hence this “charge” is our basic sustenance for maintaining this journal as complete “Open Access”.

The charge levied for each manuscript of any type upon acceptance is $ 540 USD. This is a flat charge and no other extra charges are applicable.

We publish articles of type - Research, Review, Thesis,  Editorial, Case report, Literature review, Short communication, Letter, Conference proceedings.


What is the disclosure and visibility policy of APC details?

Editors and reviewers have no access to these details, and hence an inability to pay will not influence the decision to publish a paper.

From when are these Prices valid and up to when?

These prices have been updated on 10th Oct, 2017 and are valid up to the next announcement of price update which is generally 10th of Oct, 2017. Manuscripts submitted prior to 10th Oct 2017 follow the previous APC. Only Submissions made on or after 10th Oct, 2017 shall follow this renewed APC.

Why is Article Processing Charges (APC) collected?

Publishing process is definitely not free of cost, but in open access the research articles are available for free of charge. This implies that we need to incur some amount of fee to keep our process going. It’s the reason we collect open access charges which helps us to cover the processing expenses for various activities like review process handling, indexing, cross reference, manpower, technical team, communication support, basic office expenditure, etc.,. In spite of all our expenses we tend to keep our fee balanced both for our users and the publishing house. Also please note that this charge will be levied only for the accepted manuscripts, there are no submission charges

Is there any withdrawal charge?

Withdrawal of manuscripts after the first round decision is made incurs minimum charge of $150. Kindly make note of this before you submit your manuscript. However withdrawal before an editor agrees to handle your manuscript does not incur any charges. You may not submit elsewhere without official withdrawal of manuscript and it will be considered ethical misconduct if you do so and will be dealt accordingly.