Journal of Biosemiotic Research

Aims and Scope


The Journal of Biosemiotic Research (JBSR) is an international, open access journal publishing research to boost the understanding and development of biosemiotic knowledge and research. The journal is dedicated to advancing the knowledge base in a wide range of areas including philosophy, semiotics, theoretical biology, ecology, linguistics, psychology, and anthropology.

The scope of the journal is to publish original scientific works including analytical, theoretical, and applied research studies that explore the relationships between organisms, their environment and semiotic systems. The topics covered by the journal include, but are not limited to, living systems, life processes, genetics, biosemiotic functions, and meanings in natural and cultural environments, evolutionary approaches, and the transdisciplinary features of biosemiotic research.

The journal encourages interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborations between researchers across various domains. We aim at encouraging the exchange of diverse research insights and the development of new biosemiotic research areas. 

Articles published in this journal offer a platform to debate and discuss influential findings and insights of scientific works. Furthermore, the publications focus on making the content of the journal more accessible to researchers, practitioners, and academics by providing information in a manner that is easy to comprehend and share.

The journal also publishes editorials, and commentaries to stimulate thought-provoking conversations on current issues and theories related to biosemiotic research. The editorial board is composed of distinguished professionals who are renowned for their experience in the field of research and academia.

Few keywords were outlined that belong to the scope of the journal, not restricted within it. Contact us at [email protected] for complete information.


  • Biology
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Stochasticity
  • Systems biology
  • Ecosemiotics
  • Extended synthesis
  • Philosophy and humanities
  • Zoosemiotics
  • Biosemiotics
  • Signaling in biology
  • Communication in organisms
  • Semiotic systems in nature
  • Semiotic evolution
  • Information processing in living systems
  • Communication between cells
  • Molecular recognition
  • Cellular signaling pathways
  • Signaling cascades
  • Information theory in biology
  • Bioinformation
  • Biosemiotics and ecology
  • Evolutionary biology and biosemiotics
  • Philosophy of biology
  • Biological semantics
  • Biological coding
  • Biosemiotic analysis of gene regulation
  • Biological signals and noise
  • Biosemiotics and development
  • Biosemiotic perspective on behavior
  • Biosemiotics and cognition
  • Biosemiotics and neuroscience
  • Biosemiotics and ethology
  • Biosemiotics and animal behavior
  • Biosemiotics and human behavior
  • Biosemiotics and communication theory
  • Biosemiotics and linguistics
  • Biosemiotics and philosophy of mind
  • Biosemiotics and systems theory
  • Biosemiotics and cybernetics
  • Biosemiotics and artificial intelligence
  • Biosemiotics and robotics
  • Biosemiotics and complexity theory
  • Biosemiotics and thermodynamics
  • Biosemiotics and chaos theory
  • Biosemiotics and fractals
  • Biosemiotics and self-organization
  • Biosemiotics and autopoiesis
  • Biosemiotics and evolution of language
  • Biosemiotics and semiotics of culture
  • Biosemiotics and cultural evolution
  • Biosemiotics and environmental communication
  • Biosemiotics and bioart
  • Biosemiotics and biophilosophy
  • Biosemiotics and biopoetics
  • Biosemiotics and bioethics
  • Biosemiotics and biopolitics
  • Biosemiotics and bioaesthetics
  • Biosemiotics and biomusicology


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