Journal of Biosemiotic Research

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Aims and Scope

Journal of Biosemiotic Research is an integrative discipline that studies communication and signification in living systems. It is devoted to establishing a bridge between biology, philosophy, linguistics and communication studies. Its primary challenge is to provide a broad scientific insight not merely of biological information but also of biological meaning, in the belief that organic codes and processes of interpretation are basic elements of the living world.

JBSR accepts and publishes contribution in the form of original Research, Review, Literature review, Conference proceedings, Case reports, Short communication, Thesis, Letter to editor and Editorials.

Few keywords were outlined that belongs to the scope of the journal, not restricted with in it. Contact us at [email protected] for complete information.

  • Mycology/zoösemiotics/microsemiotics
  • Biology utilizing biosemiotics
  • Biophenomenology
  • Biosemiotics and ethology/phytology/
  • Biosemiotics of health and disease
  • Cognitive semiotics of nonhumans
  • Ecosemiotics
  • Endosemiotics
  • Evolution of semiosis
  • Evolutionary anthropology & biosemiotics
  • Experimental biosemiotics
  • Extended synthesis
  • Habits, codes and learning
  • History and epistemology of biosemiotics
  • Interspecies semiosis
  • Methodology of biosemiotic research
  • Modelling of semiosis
  • Ontogeny of semiotic mechanisms
  • Semiotic approaches in theoretical
  • Semiotic fundamentals of epigenetics
  • Semiotic thresholds
  • Teaching biosemiotics
  • The implications of biosemiotics to
  • Typologies of semiosis and semiotic
  • Umwelt research
  • And systems biology
  • Biology
  • Biosemiotic approaches to biology
  • Networks
  • Philosophy and humanities