International Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development

International Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development

International Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development

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About The Journal

International Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development (IJAR) is an open access scholarly journal. It provides a platform for academicians, researchers, and practitioners to publish their original work and share it with their peers. In particular, IJAR aims to promote research, practice, and discussion in the modern field of aquaculture. 


It features articles that address multiple facets of aquaculture such as fish farming, mariculture, and shellfish farming. The journal covers topics such as advances in aquaculture technologies, genetic improvement, and sustainable management of ocean resources. The journal also covers issues such as the conservation of aquaculture species and the potential impact of climate change on fish populations. 



The International Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development (IJAR) is an open access journal dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of aquaculture research and development. This journal provides an ideal platform for researchers to publish their research in the form of original articles, reviews, and case studies. IJAR is committed to excellence in research and development, with the aim of contributing to the development of aquaculture industry, sustainable socio-economic development of the countries involved, and global food security.


IJAR publishes quality peer-reviewed research and reviews on topics such as Aquaculture Genetics and Breeding, Aquaculture Culture Setting, Aquaculture Nutrition and Feeding, Environmental and Water Quality, Aquaculture Economics and Business, Aquaculture Technology and Innovation, Aquaculture and Fisheries Policy, Aquaculture and Fisheries Law, Health and Diseases, Aquaculture and Sea Level, Aquaculture and Sustainable Development. IJAR has become a go-to source of information for the aquaculture industry and fisheries researchers, with the aim of creating the newest and most innovative knowledge in the field. The journal provides researchers the opportunity to present their work to the world in a unique and effective manner. IJAR encourages authors to explore new ideas, techniques, and methods for promoting sustainable aquaculture, and to highlight the cultural, environmental, and economic benefits of aquaculture.


The journal's open accessibility facilitates the exchange and dissemination of research, encourages dialogue among the aquaculture community, and provides authors with an international platform to advocate for their work. IJAR offers an easy and fast publication process and efficient peer-review systems. Authors are strongly encouraged to include the highest quality data with the submission of their manuscripts. By offering free, easy access to the published research, IJAR ensures that the most up-to-date and comprehensive research is available to industry professionals and academics.


Instructions for authors 

Submission to IJAR is made through the journal's online submission and review system and authors should read through the Guidelines for Authors before submitting their manuscript. IJAR only accepts submissions of original work, with no prior publication in any other journal. All manuscripts must adhere to IJAR's formatting and referencing standards. Authors should also include a list of keywords relevant to the work, along with a list of figures and tables. 


Authors are strongly encouraged to provide their manuscript as a Word document or PDF document. The paper should be formatted according to the International Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development (IJAR) article template and the authors should include a brief biography for each author and a list of publications for each author. Authors should also include a list of required ethical considerations related to the work. After the manuscript is submitted and reviewed, the editor will inform the author of the decision on whether or not to publish the paper. If accepted, the manuscript will be published on the journal website, in print, and in other digital formats, and the authors will be listed in the journal’s index.


 Editorial Board 

The editorial board of International Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development

(IJAR )includes leading experts and professionals from all over the world. The members of the editorial board are chosen for their outstanding reputations and extensive experience in their respective fields of knowledge. These members are continuously involved in the review and publication of manuscripts of their own and other researchers. The board’s members provide a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of aquaculture science, and their insights and judgment are invaluable in guiding the future of the journal.


Article submission 

Authors can submit manuscripts to the journal through the online submission process, which includes full peer review. Submissions should be conscientiously prepared and clear and should include original research results. Upon acceptance, articles are published online and freely available to the public. The journal is committed to rapid publication with a rapid peer review process.

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