Journal of Food Science and Hygiene

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Food Science and Hygiene (JFSH) is an open access, peer-reviewed publication that focuses on the latest research and developments in food science and hygiene. The journal provides an ideal platform for global researchers to share and discuss their findings and experiences of food safety, quality and nutrition. JFSH provides a comprehensive overview of the ever-evolving challenges facing the food industry today.


The scope of JFSH covers the different aspects of food science, food engineering, food technology, food safety, nutrition and public health, including the study of biotechnology, microbiology, chemistry, engineering, nutrition, and public health related to food and nutrition, food safety, food processing, food storage, food legislation, food engineering, food microbiology, and food safety. JFSH also encourages the study of food-related areas such as food science and technology, food sensory evaluation, food chemistry, food processing, and food engineering. In addition, the journal also encourages reviews and perspectives on existing research, as well as original research and editorial articles.


JFSH aims to provide the latest scientific and technical research in the field of food science and hygiene, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among food professionals in the academic and industrial sectors, and to increase public awareness of food safety and hygiene issues. This is accomplished through the publication of high-quality, original research articles that have a direct impact on the food industry and public welfare. In addition, the journal encourages the dissemination of best practices and the latest developments in food safety and food science, to help ensure that the products we consume and serve to our families are safe and of the highest quality. JFSH serves to promote the knowledge and understanding of food safety, quality assurance, and nutritional aspects of food science and hygiene. It also addresses other related areas, such as food-borne diseases, food microbiology, and food processing strategies.


JFSH provides a platform to share high-quality research and has an impressive list of topics related to food hygiene, such as food microbiology, food chemistry, food processing, food engineering, food packaging and preservation, food biotechnology, and food legislation. This journal publishes research articles, review articles, mini-reviews, and editorials closely related to food science and hygiene, offering a complete source for the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field. The journal is devoted to publishing research in the fields of food science and hygiene that examines the physical, chemical and biological make-up of food, as well as its safety and health benefits.

JFSH welcomes original research papers, review papers, short communications, case studies and opinions in the field of food science and hygiene. All papers are rigorously reviewed, edited and published online. Manuscripts should be submitted through the online submission system. All submitted manuscripts must adhere to ethical standards of the journal. All authors must provide an accurate author list and declare any competing financial interests. We encourage our authors to work closely with the editors, to ensure their article is published smoothly and quickly. JFSH also provides an easy-to-use manuscript tracking system to ensure timely response and feedback from the editorial team.

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