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Page Numbers  1-30

Investigations of Molecular Evolutionary Mechanisms in Partially Sequenced Heat Shock Protein70 Homologue-Coding Gene of Olive Leaf Yellowing-Associated Virus Isolates from Tunisia

BOULILA Moncef  1


Page Numbers  31-49

The Chromosomal and Functional Clustering of Markedly Divergent Human-Mouse Orthologs Run Parallel to their Compositional Features

A. Fuertes Miguel  1 R. Rodrigo Jose  2 Zuckerkandl Emile  3 Alonso Carlos  1


Page Numbers  50-59

Fast Screening Method for Polymorphisms in Exon 9 of the Catalase Gene.

Goth Laszlo  1 Zabolai Edit  1 Nagy Terez  1


Page Numbers  60-68

Research Progress of the Functional Nucleic Acid Techniques in GMO Detection

Shang Ying  1  2 Huang Kunlun  3  2 Xu Wentao  3  2

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