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Journal of DNA And RNA Research (JDRR) is an international Open Access, Peer-Reviewed Journal and it publishes articles in the form of research, reviews, short communications, case reports, letters to the editor, Editorials, clinical case images, opinions, mini-reviews, conference proceeding articles with the related topics of DNA And RNA Research.

The Journal of DNA and RNA Research is dedicated to providing a platform for researchers to disseminate the most current advances in molecular biology and genetics. It publishes articles that present novel and timely insights into the structure, function and expression of DNA and RNA and the relationship between them. The journal also covers topics such as gene regulation, functional genomics and epigenetics. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts related to topics such as public health, disease diagnosis, drug discovery and gene therapy. All submissions are peer-reviewed to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.



The mission of the Journal of DNA and RNA Research (JDRR) is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discoveries in the whole field of nucleic acid research. The journal is committed to providing a platform for high-quality studies from various disciplines, as well as to promoting interdisciplinary collaborations that will help to further the understanding of DNA and RNA in biological and technological contexts. It encourages submissions from authors of varied backgrounds and points of view, and provides an open access publication to make research available to a larger audience. The journal is also committed to fostering long-term relationships with authors and readers to help further the advancement of DNA and RNA research.

JDRR provides unparalleled resources for researchers, with a peer-reviewed editorial process that ensures the accuracy and validity of published studies. Relevant articles are promptly published and easily accessible, with authors receiving recognition for their research in the form of citations. JDRR is also committed to providing authors with comprehensive support throughout the publication process, with editorial staff available to provide guidance.



Journal of DNA and RNA Research (JDRR) is an open access scholarly journal that provides a platform for researchers to publish high-quality research related to advances in DNA and RNA studies. JDRR is committed to the rapid dissemination of knowledge, and all articles published by JDRR are freely available online for anyone to access.

JDRR focuses on the molecular structure and characteristics of DNA and RNA molecules and their role in genetic transcription and expression. The journal covers a wide range of topics, from basic studies on the structure and function of DNA and RNA molecules to more complex studies on the role of DNA and RNA in health and disease. The journal also encourages interdisciplinary research to examine the impact of both DNA and RNA on the development of new therapeutic approaches.


Submission Process

JDRR accepts manuscripts from a broad range of topics, including gene expression, nucleic acid metabolism, genomics, epigenetics, chromatin biology, epigenomics, and transcriptional regulation of gene expression. All manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the journal’s guidelines, including requirements for authorship, ethical standards and data availability. At present, the journal is not indexed with PubMed, Scopus, or other major indexing sites, but authors are encouraged to submit their high-quality work to the journal. The article submission procedure requires authors to submit the manuscript via the journal’s OJS manuscript submission system. After the submission, the manuscript is checked for plagiarism and completeness, followed by a peer-review process. The authors are expected to revise the manuscript as requested by the reviewers, and the editors accept, reject or request further revisions before final publication.


In addition, the journal has established an International Advisory Board comprised of prominent international researchers, ensuring the quality of research published in the journal. JDRR also provides an open access platform that is free to access and allows researchers to quickly locate information they may need. This open access platform encourages the sharing of ideas and knowledge and is an invaluable resource for researchers in this field. 

Overall, JDRR is a well-established journal that seeks to provide quality research from the field of DNA and RNA studies. The journal's peer-reviewed editorial process and open access platform ensure that research is accurate, valid and available for all to access. Additionally, the availability of international experts to provide guidance throughout the publishing process ensures that authors can have confidence in their published work.

Article Processing Charge

The Journal of DNA and RNA Research (JDRR) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles and case reports related to the structure and functioning of nucleic acids and their relationships with proteins in different biological systems. JDRR provides researchers and clinicians with up-to-date information on the latest research advances in the field of DNA and RNA research. This journal aims to bring together the latest research findings on the role of DNA and RNA in all aspects of biology, including cell and molecular biology, genetics, evolution, biochemistry, and biotechnology.

All articles published in JDRR are open access and available to all worldwide, without any restrictions. However, authors may be asked to pay an Article Processing Charge for their article after it has been accepted for publication. This charge will cover the costs associated with the peer-review process, layout and publication, and archiving of the article.




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