Journal of Body Fluids

Aims and Scope


The Journal of Body Fluids (JBF) is an open-access journal dedicated to disseminating new knowledge and information on four major body fluids: urine, sweat, saliva and tears. This journal is especially interested in research that provides new insights into the biochemistry, physiology, pathology and pharmacology of these body fluids. To promote interdisciplinary research fields, JBF also accepts manuscripts that discuss the psychological, social and economic aspects of body fluid research. 


JBF publishes original research, reviews, short reports and letters, editorials, commentaries, and case reports pertinent to the theme of body fluid research. This journal is a platform to explore the role of body fluids in providing a mechanistic understanding of disease diagnosis and treatments. 


The primary aim of JBF is to provide a forum for researchers and clinicians to share their expertise on body fluids. This journal provides authors with rapid publication times and encourages discussion of new findings, both in print and online. Authors from any field related to the research of body fluids are invited to submit their manuscripts for peer review. 


The most frequently discussed topics are: 
Physiology and Corresponding Pathology of Urine, Sweat, Saliva and Tears 
Biochemical Effects of Urine, Sweat, Saliva and Tears 
Development and Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests 
Clinical and Lab Practices in the Investigation of Body Fluids 
Emerging Technologies in the Investigation of Body Fluids 
Development and Evaluation of Therapies 
Impact of Psychosocial Issues in Body Fluid Research 
Use of Body Fluids in Economic Perspective 


JBF encourages authors to communicate their research in a clear and logical manner. All accepted manuscripts are subject to strict editorial review prior to being published. Submitted manuscripts must adhere to international standards of ethics, good scientific practice and editorial standards. 


We invite submissions from all spheres of body fluids research to share their findings and stimulate new ideas in this rapidly developing research field. We hope that our readers will take advantage of JBF as a platform for scientific communication and make the most of the knowledge it provides.


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  • Oxytocin
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Blood plasma
  • Interstitial fluid
  • Intracellular fluid
  • Blood Serum
  • Body fluids
  • Gastric juice
  • Bioimpedance
  • Body Fluid Compartments
  • Body composition measurement
  • Body fluid distribution
  • Body fluid cytology
  • Body-fluid homeostasis
  • Simulated body fluid
  • Body fluid management
  • Body Cavity Fluids
  • Cancer Biomarkers in Body fluids
  • Body fluid analysis
  • Diagnostic testing for body fluids
  • Body fluid biomarkers
  • Physiology of body fluids
  • Body fluid homeostasis
  • Body fluid compartments
  • Body fluid electrolyte balance
  • Body fluid transport mechanisms
  • Urinalysis
  • Cerebrospinal fluid analysis
  • Pleural fluid analysis
  • Peritoneal fluid analysis
  • Ascites fluid analysis
  • Synovial fluid analysis
  • Amniotic fluid analysis
  • Saliva analysis
  • Tears analysis
  • Sputum analysis
  • Vaginal fluid analysis
  • Breast milk analysis
  • Semen analysis
  • Blood analysis
  • Lymphatic fluid analysis
  • Interstitial fluid analysis
  • Sweat analysis
  • Intracellular fluid analysis
  • Extracellular fluid analysis
  • Body fluid regulation
  • Body fluid imbalance
  • Acid-base balance in body fluids
  • Osmotic pressure in body fluids
  • Protein concentration in body fluids
  • Blood plasma analysis
  • Edema analysis
  • Fluid overload analysis
  • Dehydration analysis
  • Electrolyte imbalances in body fluids
  • Hematology of body fluids
  • Body fluid flow and circulation
  • Methods for body fluid collection and analysis
  • Proteomics of body fluids
  • Metabolomics of body fluids
  • Lipidomics of body fluids
  • Glycomics of body fluids
  • Microbiome of body fluids
  • Infectious diseases and body fluids
  • Cancer and body fluids
  • Autoimmune diseases and body fluids
  • Neurological disorders and body fluids
  • Endocrine disorders and body fluids


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