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Deficits in Psycho-Oncological Care among Turkish Immigrant Women with Breast Cancer in Germany – An Interview Study.

Late Age at Menarche Increased Common Carotid Artery Intima-Media Thickness in Overweight and Obese Women

Path Analysis of Physical Symptoms, Emotional Support, Self-Esteem, and Depressive Symptoms in HIV-Positive Perinatal Women in Thailand

The construct Validity of the CES-D among HIV-Infected Perinatal Thai Women: Explanatory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Determinants of Consistent Condom Use among HIV-Positive Women in Abia State, South-East Nigeria.

Investigating the Relationship Between Children, Depression, and Pain in Black Women with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)

Influence of Education Sources on Osteoporosis Knowledge and Calcium Intake in Adult Women: A cross sectional Study

A Systematic Review of the use of Bupropion for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in Premenopausal Women

Employment and Nutritional Status Among Women in Rural Nepal

Support Needs of Indian Women in Early Labour

Prevalence of Campylobacter Species in Out-Patients and Pregnant Women Attending Government Clinics in Sokoto State, Nigeria

The Prevalence of Abnormal Cervical Pap Smears in Women with Morbid Obesity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Examining the Low Women Autonomy in Household Decision Makings in Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Raising Awareness About Breast Milk Composition Among Women in Latvia

Marginal Bone Levels and Trabecular Bone Structure: A Longitudinal Population Study of women

Low Energy Intake Impairs Glucose Regulation and Stamina in Japanese Young Women

Effects of Soy-Milk on Blood Lipids and Total Homocysteine Level in Postmenopausal Women of Bangladesh

Prediction of Discharge Disposition in Geriatric Women after Traumatic Injury

Docosahexaenoic Acid Supplementation is Not Anti- Inflammatory in Adipose Tissue of Healthy Obese Postmenopausal Women

Prevalence of Non-Fistulous Urinary Incontinence among Nonparturient Women in A Tertiary Hospital

Identification of insulin-sensitive obese vs. insulin resistant obese postmenopausal women: Evaluation of surrogate indices of insulin sensitivity.

Effect of 8 Weeks Exercise on Irisin in Obese Women

Diurnal Variation in the Core Interthreshold Zone in Women and its Sex Difference

Coolifting® CoolCell®, A New Group of Highly Effective Active Ingredients for the Reduction of Cellulite in Women

Ordeals of Sexually Violated Women and Access to Comprehensive Healthcare: A Case Study of Victims of Sexual Violence in North Kivu, Eastern Congo

HIV Status in Sero-Discordant Couples: Prevalence and Pattern among Pregnant Women in Plateau State, Nigeria

HIV Status in Sero-Discordant Couples: Prevalence and Pattern among Pregnant Women in Plateau State, Nigeria

Adherence to ART among Pregnant Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Lusaka Urban

Women’s Empowerment and the Integration of Traditional Maternal and Child Healthcare with National Health Systems in the Republic of Guinea.

Self-Medication among Pregnant Women in Effutu and Agona West Municipalities of the Central Region of Ghana

Prevalence of Hiv Infection Among Pregnant Women Attending Ajiko Medical Clinic, Damaturu, Nigeria

Cytokines Level (Il8 and Il17) in Pregnant Women with Toxoplasmosis in Khartoum State

Awareness about the Importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy Among Women in Child Bearing Age: A Quantitative Study Among Urban Women.

Mental Health Scenario of Climate Migrant Women among Slum Dwellers in Dhaka City

Community Based Study of Rural, Tribal Women Seeking Induced Abortions in a Extremely Low Resource Region

Impact of Environmental Sanitation and Hygienic Practices on Nutritional Status of Lodha Women and Children of West Bengal, India

Awareness of Cervical Cancer Screening test Among Women of Child Bearing age in the Rural Area of Awo-Omamma, Imo State, Nigeria.