Journal of Spine and Neuroscience

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Spine and Neuroscience-Neurosurgery-Domenico Chirchiglia


University "Magna GrÃ|cia" of Catanzaro,
Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences University "Magna Gràcia",
Catanzaro Department,
Medical and Surgical Sciences.

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Domenico Chirchiglia


Prof Domenico Chirchiglia,
Chair of Neurosurgery,
Head of Neurophysiopathology Unit,
University of Catanzaro Italy.

Research Interests:

Neurosurgery, Physiology, Neuroscience



  1. Neurophysiology lessons.
  2. Surgical Treatment of Tentorial Arterovenosist Fistola. Nuances Techniques and Application of Intraoperative Video-Angiography with Indocianine Green.
  3. Transcutan Stimulation of the Nervo Vagus (T-Vns) in the Pharmacoristist Epilessia.
  4. Intracranial dural arteriovenous fistulas: a review of current management based on emerging knowledge.
  5. Lumbar Percutaneous Intradiscal Injection of Radiopaque Gelified Ethanol (“Discogel”) in Patients with Low Back and Radicular Pain.
  6. Surgical Resection of Tumors Infiltrating Left Insula and Perisylvian Opercula — Utility of Anatomic Landmarks Implemented by Intraoperative Functional Brain Mapping.
  7. New Acquisitions on Cerebral Plasticity in Inventive Injuries Eloquent Areas and their Prognostic and Therapeutic Implications.
  8. Variability and prognostic value of photoparossistic response in photosensitive epilepsy: study of two family groups.