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  • Insufficiency of Vitamin D in adolescents of the South of Brazil

    William Cordeiro de Souza 1   André de Camargo Smolarek 2   Luis Paulo Gomes Mascarenhas 2  

    1University of Contestado, UnC, Porto União, SC, Brazil

    2State University of the Midwest, Irati, Brazil.

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    Received 05 Mar 2018; Accepted 05 Mar 2018; Published 15 Mar 2018;

    Copyright ©  2018 William Cordeiro de Souza et al.

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    William Cordeiro de Souza, André de Camargo Smolarek, Luis Paulo Gomes Mascarenhas (2018) Insufficiency of Vitamin D in adolescents of the South of Brazil . International Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism - 1(1):1-1.

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    Vitamin D is primarily attributed the role of important regulator of osteomineral physiology, especially calcium metabolism. This vitamin can be obtained through the exogenous form in the diet or the endogenous synthesis from the cholesterol that is synthesized from the incidence of ultraviolet rays of the sun on the skin. In a study1 conducted by Brazilian researchers with 234 female adolescents from the South of Brazil, aged 7 to 18 years, they reveal that the habits of modern life, far from the sun, contribute significantly to vitamin D insufficiency. researchers have shown that more than 80% of the girls evaluated have vitamin D levels below the recommended, that is to say, four out of five girls lack vitamin. The data found in southern Brazil serves as an appeal to parents, since the lack of vitamin D in children and adolescents can lead to early bone deficiency, diabetes, and some cases of cancer and obesity.


    1.Santos B R, LPG Mascarenhas, Satler F, MCS Boguszewski, Spritzer P M. (2012) Vitamin D deficiency in girls from South Brazil: a cross sectional Study on prevalence and association with vitamin D receptor gene variants. , BMC Pediatrics 12(62).