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The Journal of Verbal Behavior (JVB) is a scholarly journal that publishes original, peer-reviewed research in the field of psychology and related fields. It is dedicated to the study of the full range of verbal behavior-from basic processes of learning and memory to the development of language, communication and cognition. The journal examines topics such as the relation between verbal behavior and its biological, social and cultural contexts and implications for education, health and human development. The scope of the journal is broad and it aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of verbal behavior and its implications for human behavior and development.

The mission of the JVB is to promote and disseminate the latest theoretical and empirical research findings in this field. JVB publishes articles related to issues of learning, memory, language, communication and cognition as well as to topics of verbal behavior in education and other social and developmental contexts. All articles submitted to the journal go through a rigorous peer-review process, ensuring the high quality and accuracy of the published work. Additionally, the journal publishes special issues, reviews of recent books and commentaries on relevant topics. JVB is an open access journal and is available to authors, scientists, educators and practitioners around the world. The journal provides a unique platform for an international exchange of ideas and research in the field of verbal behavior.

Scope of JVB:
Verbal behaviour, Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism, Autism Speaks, Autism Spectrum, Behavioral intervention, Treatment, Verbal Behavior Therapy, Behavior of the speaker, Operant behaviour, Verbal operant, etc.
Remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope 

Submission Process
JVB welcomes article submissions from researchers, academics and practitioners.
Author’s are requested to submit their article through online submission portal or via mail. Submissions must include an abstract and should adhere to the journal's author guidelines. All articles undergo a rigorous peer-review process. Upon successful acceptance for publication, articles are published online as soon as possible.

Article Processing Charge
JVB is an open access journal, so all articles are made freely available online to anyone with access to the internet. This means that all authors are rewarded with increased exposure and wider dissemination of their work. Author’s are requested for Article Processing Charges for covering publication costs as it is an open access platform. 

Editorial Board Members:
Hashem Zamanian - Penn State University
Eva Stranovska - Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra

1. I can not say enough about how good my experience working with OAP was. Submission is easy, and responses from the editorial staff responds promptly and professionally. The entire process from submission to PDF was completed in weeks rather than months.
Phillip Brumm - University of Wisconsin-Madison

2. My experience was very positive working with OAP. My manuscript review was very thorough and I appreciated the attention to detail. I would recommend submitting a manuscript.
Patricia Doyle-Baker - University of Calgary

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