Journal of Nervous System and Physiological Phenomena

Journal of Nervous System and Physiological Phenomena

Journal of Nervous System and Physiological Phenomena

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Journal of Nervous System and Physiological Phenomena (JNPP) is a journal dedicated to the advancements of scientific knowledge and understanding of the nervous system and physiological phenomena. Provides a platform for research, theory development, and discussion of topics related to the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the nervous system. The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, clinical studies, and technical notes in all areas of the nervous system and physiological phenomena. 


JNPP publishes content across a broad range of topics including neurological disorders, medications and treatments cognitive psychology, psychobiology, brain imaging, sensory and motor physiology, pharmacology, and genetics. 


The journal offers readers valuable insight into the mechanisms underlying cognitive and neural processes, as well as cutting-edge research into the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders. It is a valuable resource for researchers, clinicians, and students interested in the field.



The journal encourages submissions from all areas of neuroscience, such as neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, molecular biology and biochemistry of the nervous system, physiological processes, neural circuitry, behavior, and cognition. Moreover, review articles and interesting case reports are welcome. The editors of the Journal of Nervous System and Physiological Phenomena (JNPP) are committed to an open and transparent review process that emphasizes fairness and quality. 


The goal of the journal is to advance the knowledge and understanding of the nervous system and its functions in health. The journal is committed to publishing high-quality research in a timely manner to ensure timely and appropriate dissemination of scientific knowledge. In addition, the journal seeks to promote collaboration and cross-disciplinary research initiatives among researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals. 


JNPP offers several advantages to authors, including quick publication times, amicable costs, and wide dissemination. Since the JNPP is open access, it is free to read. The journal also provides authors with a free online presence where they can promote their work and interact with peers. The editorial board also works hard to ensure rigorous peer review so that authors can be assured that their research.


Instructions for authors

The Instructions for authors provide authors with guidelines for submitting manuscripts to the JNPP. These include a detailed explanation of the types of articles that can be submitted to the JNPP, details on manuscript formatting and copyright, and information on the ethical requirements for publishing papers. The Instructions for authors also include specific advice on how to create figures and tables, the referencing style to use, and the types of file formats accepted by the journal. All authors are expected to adhere to these guidelines to ensure the integrity of the research and the journal.


Editorial Board 

This journal is guided by an expert panel of international editors that reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of JNPP. The editorial board consists of eminent scientists, scholars, and academicians from all over the world. The editorial board ensures that all the research published in JNPP is reviewed by highly qualified experts in the relevant field. They strive to publish the most authoritative, accurate, and up-to-date scientific works and to provide a valuable platform for the knowledge exchange of new findings. 


The aim of JNPP is to advance the understanding of the nervous system and physiological phenomena and promote their application in clinical and research settings. This journal broadly covers topics from both cognitive and neurological perspectives and serves as an effective platform for researchers to share new findings, insights, and opinions. 


Article Processing Charge

The journal charges a fee for processing and publishing accepted papers. This fee helps to offset the costs associated with the processing, review, and publication of each article. The fees are determined based on the type of article and the length of the accepted manuscript.


Article Submission Procedure

The Journal of Nervous System and Physiological Phenomena offers an efficient and rigorous peer-review process. All manuscripts are expected to adhere to our high standards for submission, and authors must provide evidence of originality, relevance, and sound methodology. Submitted manuscripts should be prepared using the JNPP and all submissions must be accompanied by the relevant copyright permissions. Upon successful peer review, accepted contributions will then be published online. 

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