Journal of Neoplasms

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Page Numbers  1-13

Tumor Growth Dynamics: Dietary Fish Oil Induced Inhibition of Human Breast Carcinoma Growth, A Phenomenon of Reduced Cellular DNA Synthesis or Increased Cell Loss?

J Gonzalez Michael  1 Duconge Jorge  1


Page Numbers  14-28

The Role of Heparin in Lung Cancer

Abu Arab Walid  1  2 Kotb Rami  3 Sirois Marco  1 Rousseau Eric  4


Page Numbers  29-34

Rare Lipomatous Neoplasm of The Thigh in A 13 Year Old Male with A Discussion of Imaging Features and Differential Diagnosis of A Fatty Extremity Mass

T. Caracciolo Jamie  1 Henderson-Jackson Evita  2 A. Churchill John  3 T. Binitie Odion  4


Page Numbers  35-43

Statins and Lung Cancer: A Review of Current Literature

Kurtis Childers DO W  1 Melton MD Nathaniel  1 Goldman MD Daniel  1 Moritz DO Troy  2

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