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Journal of Lung Cancer Epidemiology (JLCE) is an innovative and comprehensive research on the epidemiology, prevention, and control of lung cancer. The journal covers a wide range of topics including population-based studies, case-control studies, clinical trials, environmental exposures, molecular epidemiology, and genetics. JLCE strives to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders to share the latest advances in cancer research and to promote interdisciplinary collaboration. 


Each manuscript undergoes a rigorous review process and is evaluated based on scientific validity, originality, and potential impact in the field of lung cancer epidemiology. JLCE provides free and unlimited access to all articles, making it easy for researchers and health professionals to find relevant information and stay up to date on the latest research. With its focus on the epidemiology of lung cancer, JLCE is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in this important and growing field.



The Journal of Lung Cancer Epidemiology (JLCE)'s mission is to provide a platform for timely communication of the latest advances in all aspects of lung cancer epidemiology. The journal publishes original contributions to the current knowledge in the field of epidemiology and lung cancer, including advances in epidemiologic methods, novel studies of incidence, prevalence, and other outcomes, and reports on effective approaches for prevention, early detection, and control of lung cancer.


JLCE publishes an array of content types, ranging from research papers to reviews, case reports, short reports, and letters to the editor. The journal encourages and fosters dialogue between researchers and clinicians, as well as encourages collaborations between disciplines to further the understanding and elimination of lung cancer. JLCE is committed to providing authors with rigorous and timely peer review and publishing decisions as quickly as possible. 


The journal also provides a platform for showcasing work on health disparities, social determinants of health, cancer control and prevention, global health, and emerging data analysis techniques that are applicable to the study of lung cancer. By offering open access to all published research, JLCE ensures that the latest advancements in epidemiology and lung cancer research will be made available to the widest possible audience. 


Article Submission Procedure

All submissions should be made online through the online submission system of the journal. Upon submission, authors can easily track their papers by logging into their accounts.

We invite researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists, public health practitioners, and health policymakers to submit their valuable contributions to the Journal of Lung Cancer Epidemiology(JLCE) for potential publication.


Instructions for authors 

The editors of the Journal of Lung Cancer Epidemiology(JLCE) welcome original research papers, rapid communications, mini-reviews, and commentaries from qualified and experienced authors in the field. Article types should be clearly identified in the cover letter. All manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the guidelines for authors as outlined on the JLCE website. Manuscripts should contain in length, including text, tables, figures, references, and appendices. The journal also encourages and publishes online and requests authors to consider this publication channel. All manuscripts should be reviewed by the editors and checked for plagiarism before they are sent out for peer review.


Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Journal of Lung Cancer Epidemiology(JLCE) is composed of a select panel of experts from the fields of epidemiology, public health, biostatistics, medical oncology, and other related specialties. All members of the editorial board are committed to ensuring that quality research and practice are disseminated in a timely manner to the relevant audiences. The board is responsible for the selection of manuscripts for publication, and for the review and assessment of all submissions.


In addition to the editorial board, the Journal of Lung Cancer Epidemiology(JLCE) has worked to establish a comprehensive review process to ensure that all articles published in the journal are of the highest quality. During the peer review process, two or more reviewers are selected to evaluate each submission. This rigorous approach helps ensure that the best ideas are published and shared with the research community.


Article Processing Charges

Journal of Lung Cancer Epidemiology(JLCE) provides open access to all forms of content, including articles, reviews, editorials, and letters to the editor. Article Processing Charges (APC) may apply, however, to ensure that the journal continues to provide a high standard of service and maintain its quality assurance standards.


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