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About The Journal

The International Journal of Neuroimaging (IJNI) is a scientific journal dedicated to the understanding of the brain and nervous system through the use of neuroimaging techniques. Published bi-monthly, International Journal of Neuroimaging(IJNI) covers various topics such as electroencephalography, magnetoencephalography, event-related potentials, and functional magnetic resonance imaging. This journal also provides an opportunity to deliver significant contributions to the field of neuroimaging.


International Journal of Neuroimaging(IJNI) has an international editorial board featuring a variety of renowned experts in the field of neuroimaging from various countries and regions. All papers are subject to editorial controls such as peer review and rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest standard of research. It also publishes editorials, reviews, and topical collections. Hence, the journal is an ideal platform for researchers seeking to share their knowledge in the field of neuroimaging.


Advantages of publishing in Journal 

International Journal of Neuroimaging(IJNI) provides a platform for neuroimaging researchers and healthcare professionals to keep abreast of the latest advancements in the field. Our journal provides a forum for authors to present and share the most up-to-date research in the field of neuroimaging. In addition to publishing high quality, evidence-based articles, authors can also benefit from a swift and efficient peer-review process.

Additionally, International Journal of Neuroimaging(IJNI) provides an interactive platform for authors and readers to easily connect and share their research and knowledge. This helps to increase the impact of research articles published in IJNI, as the research and knowledge are easily accessible to a wide audience around the world. Furthermore, authors can benefit from the journals high standards and guidelines, which ensure that all articles published in IJNI are up to date, accurate and well-researched.

Overall, International Journal of Neuroimaging (IJNI) is an excellent forum for authors to publish their research and gain visibility among the global neuroscience community. IJNI provides a platform for authors to publish the most up-to-date research, interact with peers and healthcare professionals, and share their research and knowledge with the broader scientific community. Ultimately, this helps build a strong foundatation for advancing the field of neuroimaging.


Instructions for authors 

The International Journal of Neuroimaging (IJNI) is a journal devoted to the publication of original research and review articles in the field of neuroscience and brain imaging. Submissions to IJNI are welcomed from both experts and novice authors. The journal's editorial policy is based on providing a platform for the exchange of accurate, high-quality research information to enable the advancement of knowledge in the field of neuroscience and brain imaging.

The journal takes a multi-disciplinary approach to examine topics related to brain imaging and its applications. Manuscripts are peer-reviewed by experts in the field, who assess the scientific rigor, relevance, accuracy and readability of the submitted manuscripts. In order to ensure the highest standards of publishing, only accepted manuscripts are published in International Journal of Neuroimaging(IJNI) and all accepted manuscripts undergo a rigorous editorial review process. Guidelines and instructions for authors are available on the journals website. 

Authors are required to adhere to the standard ethical principles of academic publishing. All manuscripts that meet the journals editorial criteria are published in a timely manner.


 Editorial Board 

The members of the Editorial Board of IJNI are renowned experts and leaders in the field of neuroimaging. They strive to maintain the highest standards in research, editorial and publishing practices. The Board is dedicated to publishing quality articles from authors around the world, as well as to providing a platform for exchange of advanced research in this field. The Board also reviews special issues and symposia to ensure that all published works meet the highest standards of research and editorial excellence.


 Article Submission 

International Journal of Neuroimaging(IJNI) aims to bridge the gap between researchers, clinicians and industry professionals and encourages the use of neuroimaging technologies in a range of fields including cognitive, clinical, and brain-machine interface research. The journal encourages submissions of all types, including original research articles, case reports, review articles, commentaries, editorials and perspectives.

Authors who wish to submit manuscripts to International Journal of Neuroimaging(IJNI ) should adhere to the journals instructions for authors, which can be found on the website. A complete submission should include an original manuscript, a cover letter, a list of potential and excluded reviewers, a completed copyright agreement form and any other relevant documents.

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