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About The Journal

The International Journal of Neonatology (IJNE) is a high-quality journal publishing research on all aspects of neonatal health. The journal covers topics such as neonatal nutrition, neonatal infectious diseases, neonatal respiratory diseases, neonatal neurology, neonatal genetics, neonatal intensive care, and neonatal surgery. Additionally, International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) publishes original research papers, review articles, case reports, and other articles related to neonatal health.


The main goal of IJNE is to stimulate and facilitate research in neonatology, thus promoting advances in global health. The journal also aims to increase awareness of the importance of promoting good health in newborns through the exchange of knowledge and resources. All published articles must meet the highest standards of excellence, and the journal’s editorial board includes leading experts in the field. The International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) is an invaluable resource to researchers, clinicians, and health professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of newborns.


 Advantages of publishing in Journal 

The International Journal of Neonatology publishes manuscripts in a range of topics related to neonatology, including but not limited to physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, nursing, psychology, epidemiology, genetics and public health. Articles published in International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) are rigorously peer-reviewed and the Editorial Board adheres to the highest standards of quality in selection, editorial and publishing practices. 


International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) strives to provide researchers with a platform for publishing concisely written, data-rich and authoritative peer-reviewed articles. Authors submitting to International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE ) can be assured of an efficient peer-review process and rapid publication. The journal allows authors to make use of the latest online technologies for data gathering, which can be presented in a visually attractive way. Additionally, International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) provides authors with the option to publish open access, allowing their research to be freely available to the public. 


International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) serves as a valuable source of information for neonatology professionals, healthcare providers, policy makers and other members of the scientific community. Through our high-quality open access publishing, IJNE is committed to advancing neonatology research and improving clinical care.


Instructions for authors 

Authors wishing to submit articles to International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) should read the Instructions for Authors carefully before submitting. The Instructions for Authors include details on the scope of the journal, article types, formatting and submission requirements, and open access policies. All submissions must be made via the online submission system and authors must follow the guidelines provided in the submission form. The journal is an exclusively open access journal and authors will be required to pay an article processing fee upon acceptance. In addition, authors will be asked to provide a full statement of disclosure of any conflicts of interest that they may have. 


Editorial Board 

International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) emphasizes on the quality of research advances of Neonatology. The journal covers different topics related to Neonatology such as ethical issues in care, fetal and neonatal physiology, pharmacology of neonatal drugs, neonatal cardiology, developmental neurobiology, respiratory care, neonatal nutrition, neonatal infection and epidemiology, as well as genetics, neonatal critical care and long-term follow-up.


International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) is served by an Editorial Board of experts in the field of Neonatology. The board consists of clinicians, researchers and international experts who are renowned in their areas of expertise.


The Editorial Board works to ensure the quality of the content published in the journal. The Board also makes sure that the articles published meet the highest standards in terms of research quality, scientific accuracy and completeness.


Article submission

The International Journal of Neonatology (IJNE) is a journal that publishes articles in the field of neonatology. International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) provides a platform for the exchange of clinical, research, and educational information in the field of neonatology covering such topics as perinatal physiology, neonatal intensive care, neonatal morbidity and mortality, and maternal-fetal medicine and contraception. 


Articles submitted for publication in International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE) are peer-reviewed by experts in the field and then accepted or rejected based on the scientific merit of their content. The journal also encourages authors to submit manuscripts that contain interdisciplinary research in the field of neonatology, as well as original research, case reports, and editorials. 


To publish a manuscript in International Journal of Neonatology(IJNE), authors should submit their work through the online submission system and provide a full text document of the manuscript. 

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