International Journal of Lipids

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Page Numbers  1-10

Lipid Components in the Dynamin Fraction Prepared from Rat Brain

Ueno Satoko  1 Seno Keiji  2 Maruyama Yoko  1 Hayashi Fumio  1 Miyoshi Hiroshi  3 Morita Mitsuhiro  1 Maekawa Shohei  1


Page Numbers  11-20

Effect of Wheat Germ, Wheat Germ Oil on Lipid Profile of Hypercholesterolemic Rats

Z A Soliman Ghada  1


Page Numbers  21-21

Lipid Assemblies as Tools for Drug Delivery

Gupta Anju  1


Page Numbers  22-28

Effect of Extracts of Dialium guineense Stem Bark on Lipid Profile and CCl4- Induced Histological Changes in Liver of Wistar Rats

O.D Abu  1 A.I Eromosele  2 E.G Osarhenomase  1

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